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AMX 50 100 Crewskills

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Hulkovius_Rex #1 Posted 19 June 2017 - 07:29 PM


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As the title says, I'm torn on what to pick for my 50 100 once I get it (currently on the ARL 44, soon the AMX M4 45). I was thinking repairs because it has no armour, but then I thought if you get tracked you're kinda doing it wrong imo. Then I was thinking camo to not get seen, but it's as big as a barn so not sure how well that would work. BIA is an obvious choice since well... It's BIA. Any help would be appreciated and motivate why. Thanks beforehand 

magkiln #2 Posted 19 June 2017 - 08:25 PM

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First skill. Repairs definitely. Think of the AMX 50 100 as a very big medium tank, rather than a heavy. Speed is your only protection, so you absolutely need your tracks.  Forget about cammo. The tank is too big to hide and it's not a good sniper. You'll spend far more time duelling at short range than shooting at long range. WHile you should try to avoid getting hit, it cannot always be helped and you may have to trade hitpoints for a chance to do extra damage. That can only work if you are still able to run for it.


As soon as repairs are at 100 percent, drop for 6th sense. (For any tank, really)


Second skill, I would go for snapshot and smoothride. The bloom on the aiming circle when moving is enormous and you need to get that down as much as possible.

Then drop for BiA and repeat.


Keep in mind that the AMX 50 100 doesn't have a loader, but  the loader skills become available on other crewmembers. Use that to drop a skill on the radio operator and  get safe stowage immediately, because the AMX 50 100 is vulnerable to being ammoracked.


Once you're there  other useful skills would be

  • recon (cannot have too much viewrange)
  • off road driving (acceleration is sluggish)
  • Preventive maintenance (to avoid losing your engine)
  • situational awareness (again, any viewrange is good)
  • Maybe deadeye. Extra module damage is always useful


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