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XVM Config


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__Andic__ #1 Posted 20 June 2017 - 06:11 PM


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Dear Community,


I'm looking for some help regarding XVM configurations.

At the moment I am using QuickyBaby's modpack, which includes XVM. The problem is, whenever I am trying to change XVM settings it seems that I am disabling the entire modpack. Can somebody explain to me how to edit my XVM without turning off the modpack entirely?


If that doesn't help, I would be fine using the standard XVM-config, but with some changes. If anyone knows how to edit one or more of these changes I'd be grateful.

1.) ... Combined damage when hitting a tank instead of counting every players shot by itself (the red / yellow number above the tank).

2.) ... Disabling the XVM Tank Markers (so that I can manually edit them within the games' options again -> Ally, Enemy, Dead - these ones).

3.) ... Making Credits the standard currency to buy premium consumables and premium ammunition instead of gold.

4.) ... Having the team scoreboards look like on the screenshot (colors as standard instead of the XVM numbers).

5.) ... I think QBs mod puts equipment like camo nets into tanks automatically, so that you need only 1 camo net at all.


Thanks in advance,


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