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The best tanks: Which tanks do you think are the best in their tier and why?

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Thuis001 #1 Posted 22 June 2017 - 07:07 PM

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Hello,I was wondering which tanks you think are the best/funniest on their tier and why. Also this is just for non-premium tanks that are in the tech tree right now.


Here is my list:


Tier I: they are all crap.

Tier II: M2 Light, this thing is fast, and has a great gun for it's tier and is one of the few that I actually enjoyed on this tier.

Tier III: Pz. I c This thing is fast, has a spam gun and is just great to play, what it lacks in pen it makes up for in speed allowing it to flank

Tier IV: Hetzer with the 10,5 cm This thing is great and is even usefull in +2 matches, it's gun allows it to 1-shot most same tier tanks and most Tier V td's 

Tier V: T67, this thing is close to being OP and is great, it is fast, has decent pen and has a turret and really something that you should have played atleast once.

Tier VI: Cromwell, it is fast, has a gun with great RoF and decent pen. The KV-2 is great aswell because of the 152mm gun that you can use to 1-shot any same tier vehicle and deal huge amounts of damage to lightly armored tanks on tier VII and VIII.

Tier VII: O-Ni, it has a derp-gun and decent front armor and when played well can get great results easely.

Tier VIII: UDES 03, this thing is fast, has high camo and has a gun with 288mm pen it's only weakness is it's armor that can be overmatched by any 61mm gun.

Tier IX: Tortoise, this thing has the highest DPM in the game and quite good armor which makes it great to play.

Tier X: Most tanks, they are tier X and are probably the most balanced tier in the game (except for things like a Type 5 Heavy and a Maus)

I would like to read yours 

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