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VK2801 before 8.4, and after 9.18

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savizudis #1 Posted 24 June 2017 - 11:59 AM


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why you did this nonsense ?

Wasn't possible just to fix a view range to new needs, and maybe shift  tiers ?

Original VK28 before 8.4v - was hard to play, and that was good, chalenging, interesting. 
Even baltes in 10-12tier was ok with him.
It was posible to act as scout even wihout dmg, to move, do buisines, be anoying to high level artys as team neeeds, and it was possible even to help team in high levels to detrack to do even some dmg, damage crew of tanks... 

Now you changed this tank to something misserable.
11 - tousands baltes 60-70% i did with vk28 !!
~30% with tier 3 pzII tank (i stoped playing pz cuz you (WG) changed situaction to that tank, drasticaly - added abnormal armored oponent tanks and it was imposible to pen anything or play as it was  5years ago...)


then i found tank VK28 - abandoned tank, at the time it was totaly different:
- last in tree (no one grinds, thast perfect)
- hard controlable, it looked like chalange every time (every time landshaft, hils was as tactical object to this tank )

- thanks to speed it was fun to ram oponents, and now... anyone just anyone runs away turns liek some mofo and avoids this new slow mo pig vk..

- expensive, 

in past, still it wasnt worst, it bringed to me different gameplay and fun in wery wide tier batles, every batle was different cause tiers was extremely diferent from 5 to max.

Now, to me its trash can. I dont like those "pissguns" - spamy guns - i never played wiht those guns, and i wont use them after this nerf 

Now I tootaly droped to play 10tier 8tier 7tier 6tier other tanks too. Even tho these tanks are not realeated to update (no nerf no bufs).
You killed my joy - on this game, and i dont want to bother myself, unless you fix vk28 so it could feeel like in old times, before 8.4 version. It doesnt mather even if tank would be fixed to couple of  tiers in matchmaking, just bring it back.. Other tanks were just to fill up holes while VK28 is down. You droped my fun with VK28, i droped playing with all other tanks. RIP vk, im conecting to new batles with 0 shels and all stock crew.. 0 spots just taking some most abandoned map corner and puting him in there to die alone..

Now i dont have, any at all wish, nor joy, to play TANKS, at all...
I just want to bring back my vk28... i very very hardly accepted all nerf that happened past 8.4v version to VK28, i started to buy gasoline to compensate loses, even shocolate, droped some heavy items... But now You just ended story to this tank in my hands, totaly.

Do it as tier 7 or tier 8 tank ! Real scout old fashion VK28.. 

Just please bring it back or even alitle bit buffed as it was before version 8.4. And i mean, top speed, armor and 10mm gun, accuracy. 

View range, yes i saw it was a problem cause all maps mostly were lighted up in past, and you started to fix this by lover view range (thats good idea), but why the hell you ruinned all other stats for tank ?? Its not aceptable.

Make it again a special tank, wihtout tree continuity as it was 5y ago, put it in some apendix, make it underdog in higher tier, but bring it back - bring back an old gameplay, joy........

I wont spent any more time grinding any other tank that could be similar as VK28 was before.
I wont spent more time on game, and already im playing less and leess especialy after  8.4v nerfs to this tank.
I wont play at all any other tanks. Sorry only VK if its playable. ANd no i wont go and do some shitspoting with him, there are plently other scouts for that.
If it is going same way unchanged as it is now, ill eventualy quit. Already wrote to suport about my acc deletion.

If its not going to be fixed already Planing to sell acc.
No i wont delete account i sell it. Too much premium was invested to grind crew for VK28.
I want that back even symbolicly. 

Fix this, PLEASE,.. think out of box, but fix it, to US to VK28 hard players...


savizudis #2 Posted 03 October 2017 - 06:52 AM


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