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Batchat loadout in the new MM

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Knight_Zao #1 Posted 26 June 2017 - 01:03 PM


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So with the new matchmaker in play (personally seeing alot of all tier 10's game when playing the BC) have people changed up their BatChat setup? 


I used to run my BC with VertStabs/optics/vents with a config of 25/5 ammo, and played it pretty aggrressively getting the early spots letting the Arty crap on the heavies and letting the team know what the enemy are doing position wise.


But with the new MM I tried to do the same thing but ive found that there are less arty now, so not much spotting damage is gets done, and the BC doesnt brawl well nor does it snipe well, so ive come to the conclusion its best served as a mid game assassin and late game scavenger. With this in mind ive changed my setup which is VertStabs/GLD/vents, with 20/10 ammo. My reasons for this are i no longer need to spot as much now with tier 10 lights, alot of the maps are corridor anyway so getting the best from my gun seems favorite and i have 454m VR anyway. As for the ammo load out i see alot more heavy tanks now, maybe this is to do with the arty nerf i dont know, so HEAT is nice as a 1st clip and last clip. Now please dont think im redline sniping as im not, im still a fairly aggressive player and love getting into the thick of things.....


Has anyone else changed their BC setup in light of the last 2 patches? Or it just me :)


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