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Fluggy75 #1 Posted 28 June 2017 - 09:39 PM


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is an international competitive clan focused on strongholds, skirmishes, platoons, and Clan Wars.

We like to play with other friends while having fun enjoying the Team Play. 

We are proud of considering ourselves as a family full of funny people where every individual matter and every idea can be considered.

We are looking for active players who can read battles, be able to carry battles from the front line,follow FC commands, and can accept jokes.

Our ambition is to be a well-known clan counting on the hard work and effort the members can put on to improve the clan stats.

Our requirements:

WN8: +1600 Overall, +1800 Recent.

At least 3 tier X CW tanks with +2000 average damage (BC, 50B, 140, 62A, E5, E3, Maus, Type 5, FV125B, E100, CGC).

+3 tier VIII CW tanks with +1400 average damage

You are always welcome to join us on TS3 if you have any inquiries or want to have a chat with our executive and recruitment officers.

Our contacts: Zwerkbergwerk - Fluggy75 - Faustijunior (German speakers) or Fluggy75 – Fliegi for international English speakers.

TS address:

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