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Damage, repairs, crew injuries

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steyrman_2016 #1 Posted 01 July 2017 - 10:35 AM


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A lot has been made of the effects on crews caused by arty stuns, yet little else seems to effect the crews that much and damage to vehicles can repaired virtually instantly regardless of the low level of HP that vehicle may have.   The re-useable packs are a great idea though.


An example of this is my putting four penetrating hits into the turret of a Matilda with a 75mm using AP ammo, and reducing the HP by over 80% yet, it was able to return fire with no loss of accuracy or rate of fire.  Complete rubbish.   

Sometimes you damage the gun with a single shot which does effect it momentarily, or the loader / gunner gets killed and is instantly reincarnated by the first aid kit, with no reduction in performance.

You hit a turret with HE when your other ammo won't penetrate and score a critical hit but no stun effect on the gunner or loader.

This really needs addressing and is important when the enemy in question has a quick firing gun.


I accept that the game needs to be playable but, there has to be some reality as well.

If a crew member is injured, use the first aid kit, fine.  If the crew member is killed, the vehicle should be affected for the rest of the game, to some degree, depending on which one was killed.


When a vehicle is below say, 80% with HP, that should also affect it's operational capability such as it's speed, rate of fire, view range maybe.     Keep it playable but keep it a bit real too.



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