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Sometimes when you are about to die, but just don't die

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Squirting_Elephant #1 Posted 02 July 2017 - 07:46 PM


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Just semi-random replay that I felt like sharing:



I was all alone in city, surrounded by ~5 enemy tanks as a tankdestroyer and lit up (yes I f**ked up pretty badly by rushing too fast). But then I get saved by enemy JPanther who suicides by ramming me (he wanted to bumrush me) and then acting as the perfect hull-cover. Yes the enemy saved me!

Then arty blows up the Tortoise in one shot shortly after my call for help, the only one who can DPM me to death. Then the scout, who is the only one who is positioned properly whom can shoot me in the hull in my side is also ammo-racked to death (but would probably die anyway) and did not go into cover (thanks!) and the Tiger 1 and others don't dare to face me. After all his teammates are dead the Tiger 1 finally has the balls to face me, but he does not have the DPM to kill a toptier tank all  by himself at this point, so yeah... Tomatoes...


I should have been completely dead, bumrushed and r*ped from all sides for my bad plays but nope.



I grinded the Hellcat -->T30 instead of the deathstar. Still not sure if it was a good choice but I do know that I love the T30. Acceptable turret armor and turret rota and it has the alpha you expect from a TD and then that viewrange. Also a real stat-padder, get 1.5 damage ratio by playing like a retard. Only problem is it's HORRIBLE aim, can't aim for weakspots against T10 tanks because too inaccurate. But pressing 2 helps.

Besides, who wants to grind a Tortoise... Press 2 to ignore all of it's armor.

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Enforcer1975 #2 Posted 02 July 2017 - 07:52 PM

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Yeah had a few situations like that too. Was too funny having one of the enemy yolo you and die for nothing serving as a helper for you to kills his teammates. I am also a bit guilty using the corpses of my team and sometimes toonmates for cover too *cough*

Too bad it happens just as often to you because one of your team decides to yolo into the enemy. If you are lucky you are close enough to do a hunt around it to see who gets to put the killshot into the other guy first.

HeidenSieker #3 Posted 02 July 2017 - 09:41 PM


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View PostSquirting_Elephant, on 02 July 2017 - 07:46 PM, said:

Just semi-random replay that I felt like sharing:


Once I thought I *had* been blown up, enveloped in fire and blast from an exploding Red, and stupidly looked at the sreen for about 15 seconds before I suddenly realised I hadn't. By that time, the reload was complete, and it was "good to go!" again.... :) ROFL!

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