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I made a major discovery today

completly unrelated to anything here

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Aoishi #1 Posted 07 July 2017 - 03:10 AM

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1st off, I have no life, 2nd. I spent 5 hours ripping 1 midi from the obscure beta of a sonic game


The discovery you may ask? No one has ever tinkered with this song in any way, No remixes no midi no nothing, heck, No one has even opened up the wii beta for sonic the hedgehog 4 so this is a new thing for this planet. The song in question, Casino street act 2 100,000 point challenge is present on the mobile versions but not the Pc/Console. The wii version had this music in the beta version and since the wii version uses the Rseq midi format i was able to datamine the wii beta for the brseq file which i then extracted into Rseq then converted to midi. All for 1 obscure song that almost no one knows about. And i made a Sega Genesis version so i can milk youtube views 


Outside of WoT it's pretty clear what my life is now.

Also tagged with completly, unrelated, to, anything, here

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