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The forgotten mode - Team Battles - the gateway to T8 credit grinding

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Aikl #1 Posted 09 July 2017 - 02:36 AM


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Team Battles - The solution for the T8 credit grind
/ This is not clan-related, and thus belongs in Gameplay rather than some well-hidden subforum. And yes, this is just a teaser fueled by tonight's success in TBs.


The point of this thread is to provide a fair amount of information and tips for playing TBs, as well as (hopefully) organizing teams. TBs are not extremely popular, and most clans active enough to field teams on a regular basis are likely playing Strongholds or advances. TBs are the prime choice for 'random ragtag' teams, and not the least the best way to escape 3-5-7 when you actually want contribute in a battle - as opposed to watching your top three tanks melt sooner than you'd actually think were possible.


Picture courtesy of the totally outdated guide to Team Battles posted on the NA site:


Team Battles seem to be the forgotten game mode these days. Upgraded game mode (assault with two cap zones) a couple of years ago, then largely superceded by Stronghold battles. You probably wonder - why should you play Team Battles instead of randoms or Strongholds?


The answer is simple - because Team Battles are fairly simple affairs. The 'double assault' gamemode prevents almost any possibility of camping and provides fast-paced action. Furthermore, a good win in TBs can easily outmatch the credit gain of a Random battle - and battles tend to be much shorter as well! Due to "only" meeting T8s, reliance on premium ammo is relatively minor. TBs provides a good basis for grinding tanks as well, depending on class.


This relative simplicity allows for even unexperienced field commanders to lead a team successfully into battle - if everyone listens, and you're not fielding seven TDs. Player skill is far less important than being able to follow commands. Thus, listening on Teamspeak is more or less a necessity, though 'attaching' to another tank does the trick if you are unable to communicate (max one per team). Keeping in theme with the general simplicity, it's obviously rather heavy-tank based. Maps typically allow/promotes direct confrontation, although viable setups can include TDs and medium tanks, as well as light tanks.




As it's well over 3am currently, I'll leave it at that for now. The plan is to outline a basic guide, which includes:

  • Tactics/deployment or how to blame Jay
  • Hand-drawn maps and feeble attempts at describing how possible scenarioes can play out.
  • Basic field commanding 101 or how to sound scary
  • Viable tanks and lineups
  • Ingame-channel for queues and whatnot (or use/abuse the Forumites channel).
  • Some random Teamspeak/Discord we can crash.
  • General outline for forum-based Team Battle teams (don't be a [edited], you [edited]).





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kripton69 #2 Posted 09 July 2017 - 02:54 AM

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Go to sleep already. 


But yeah, it's probably the best game mode remaining in the game. The attack/defence format with 2 bases is great. Even playing against OP tanks is somewhat less frustrating when the enemies can't just field 10 Defenders into two tiny corridors that the enemy has to push into because Standard is an aids format. Hard camping is only possible in a few maps like Lakeville or Arctic Region. The two cap circles and different duties for the teams work really well and having 7 tanks instead of 10(or 15) effectively makes the maps bigger and the battles become more dynamic.


The only disadvantages are that you don't get boxes and someone has to play a tier 6.

WindSplitter1 #3 Posted 09 July 2017 - 05:18 PM


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Thank you for the tips. Definitely worth tanking a look.

ExclamationMark #4 Posted 09 July 2017 - 05:22 PM


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I prefer TBs over skirmishes/randoms/advances. Reminds me of the good old days when ESL was played at T8. 


edit: you forgot to mention that TBs are a great way of upping your PR, if that's something you care about (seems to be a bragging point with some people, as if it's a meaningful stat).

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Strappster #5 Posted 09 July 2017 - 05:26 PM

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That's fine if you're happy grinding credits in the particular tanks required by your team for that mode.

Long_Range_Sniper #6 Posted 09 July 2017 - 05:30 PM


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TB's are great fun.....


"Heavies hold here, lights go there, focus fire, all in, job done".




"Why are you going there?....STOP....NO!! Shoot the low health one!!!, FFS !!!!"


You can easily clear a million credits with some premium tanks over an evening.

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