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Why red clickers are allowed to do this?

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Dainiuz69 #1 Posted 09 July 2017 - 09:12 PM


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Hello, today i was playing wot after a long break. And one of the first games i met a team mate, which is [edited]idiot. Nothing else could be said, WHY IS THIS crapEVEN ALLOWED? Clicker is able to shoot me 5 times (that clicker is in my team) and hes not even getting banned? What kinda logic is this, not only that retarded clickers are so annyoing ingame, but they are able to do whatever the [edited]they want and dont get punished at all? WARGAMING? Picture of clickers total damage done to me -> http://www119.zippys...xn3g/file.html 

REPLAY -> http://www119.zippys...5QFpA/file.html

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