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My review of the Ranked battles and ways to improve the concept.

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Dammonar #1 Posted 10 July 2017 - 04:51 PM

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I played since day one and followed it through until the end, below I will outline the positive aspects of ranked battles, then the negatives and finally how  they should be improved. 


Before I begin I know that in this forum, who says something is as much important as what he says, so let me start with a brief introduction.. I have 48k battles, started playing in 2011, 2530 wn8 3k recent and in ranked i finished at #88. On to the main post



​-The most positive aspect of ranked battles is that after a point there are no to very little red and yellow players, many of us do not enjoy playing with teams that are filled with em, so playing ranked is a way to avoid em.

- Tactics are different and much more interesting, you will see players using very different positions than you see in randoms

- They are much harder and so playing ranked is a great way to hone your skills

- People LISTEN! Its unbelievable.. there is actually communication goin on in wot! Its incredible how many times we decided to rush rails and cap behind church in himmelsdorf and people actually pulled through.

- Less retarded maps..  When you play ranked you avoid playing in Paris,Kharkov, stalingrad, pilsen etc (all the new maps that are designed by a downies) however even old maps have ample faults more on this below..

-Greatly rewards agressive play and sucessful spoting, winning is much more efficient than trying to lose and be top 3 

-Epic firefights, many battles involve a single huge firefight that really gets the blood pumping



-Playing ranked battles is insanely expensive.. You have to play decked out, shoot gold when its needed and use full prem consumables (I wasted 11 millions)

-Too long.. 1 month of 4 hours every day is too long and unless you are insanely skilled its incredibly hard to score top unless you invest a lot of time.

-3 arties every game.. I doubt i need to explain this but fighting on the knifes edge while you are getting clicked really ruins the experience.

- Some maps favor one spawn, Cliff and Oaks come to mind, oaks can be dealt with but playing on the bad side of cliff included one of the worst experiences in ranked battles..

-Ranked battle time coincide with battle for advance time.. and you have to explain to the FC why being selfish and playing ranked is a good idea..


Possible improvements:

-Enable ranked battles in maps that every spawn has equal advantages Cliff is a joke atm

-Arties should be limited as they ruin the experiance for other players, maybe decreasing the exp they get is the right direction. I cannot accept having a class that takes no risks to be as effective as it is in ranked.

-Ranked sessions should be moved to weekend mornings so people that work and/or have a life can all enjoy ranked

-Enforce both teams to have similar lineup, playing himmelsdorf vs teams that have more heavies is a pain same with open maps and bat chats.

-Expand the utility of bonds, make them one way exchangeable with gold, silver or premium time.


Special: Ranked battles have shown me the following

- Bat chats on good hands are uncounterable and should be tweeked

- Arties really ruin good firefights

- Mauses and Type 5s are too hyped, they  are predictable and can be easily outmanouvered and outplayed.

-907 is the best overall tank in the game and it completely outclasses all other non bat chat meds in every category by a huge margin.

-Strv is the hardest counter to meds in open maps. 


TLDR :  Ranked is a good idea but needs some changes






Laatikkomafia #2 Posted 10 July 2017 - 04:54 PM


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Tl : dr.


The easiest way to improve ranked battles is to move it to tier 9s and disable arty.

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