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Proposal for the implementation of a useful feature/mod

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Kriegseber #1 Posted 11 July 2017 - 08:52 AM


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I would like to propose the implementation of a small, but useful feature/mod that I saw.


In the crew profiles on the "service record" tab, there is a section called "Training".  Here you will find the "Experience required to increase skill" and "Battles left (approximately)", which are both quite useful as they let the player how many battles they need to fight (approximately) until they achieve the next percentage point in the current skill or to reach their initial 100% level in training on the tank.


Recommendation: Please include the number of battles left (approximately) until 100% is achieved for the skill in question. 


The lines under "Training" would then read like this:

"Experience required to increase skill by 1%"

"Battles left (approximately)"

"Experience required to reach 100%"

"Battles left (approximately)"


I think I took the example of this feature from Pro-Mod. It is very useful to players, who want to know how far they have to go to reach 100%. I realize that this feature/mod is just "nice to have", but I hope you will implement it in any case, because it should be relatively easy to add.   


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