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ricochet ding premium tank tank game money

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Alfinjo #1 Posted 13 July 2017 - 12:47 PM


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First question: would be when do u plan to work on a real problems ? beside working on HD tanks, matchmaking and rest of useless stuff...

Real problems like game play ?? like every second bullet bouncing of a tank for no reason ?

And by NO REASON i mean shoots like Jagdpanzer E100 ricochet in the middle on the side of  a TVP T 50/51 ?

Then ding with a Scorpion G in the middle on a side of WZ-111 1-4 ? AND THAT IS WITH A GOLD AMO ?

Do u know what penetration Scorpion has with a gold amo ?? and what armour WZ has on a side ? 

Not to mention shoots like this is happening every day ... its not realistic at all and its annoying as hell.

U offer gold amo as better penetration, but instead when i load gold up every second bullet goes god knows where..and we ar not talking about crap crew.

Many players ar complaining about this non realistic Ding/Ricochet crap and u guys only work on problems that suits u.

And please dont answer me these things happen.... Ricocet on a front side can happen, Ricocet with penetration as Jagdpanzer on a crap armour of a TVP side is BS.


Second question: why are you fkng up things we pay with our money ?

We all know T34 was one of the best premium money makers...and so so precise tank.. first month when i bought it, average dammage 2500-2800 i would get around 100k money, now we get chit... and i payed for that tank with real money u know ? 

There was nowere said ill pay for tank that will be making half of the money after some time !


And last question: why do you even bother fixing matchmaking when you actually do nothing really ?

Im an average player.. 50% win rate, 5500 personal rating, after ur matchmaking update i still have 0/8 win/loss for a start of a day.. and half of that was "raping" like losing 15 to 2..

Pritty funny for new matchmaking. 

Last battle i made 406 dmg to Type 5 Heavy on a side, with FV215b (183)

second shoot 457 dmg, than 713 dmg to IS7.... funny dmg for a FV215 that has 310 penetration and min. of 862 dmg....


My point is.. more you are traying to fix this game its actuelly getting worse an worse to play.

Specially with this Ding/Ricochets that are not possibile in any way.





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