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vehicle balancing

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scorpio909 #1 Posted 13 July 2017 - 03:57 PM


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I Just thought I would start a thread where we sort out what vehicles need balancing to try and sort out this mess 


starting it off:


Type 5 heavy/Type 4 heavy  - weaken weak spots to reduce gold spamming, also get rid of the HE gun that has 1,100/1,400 damage and instead either replace it with a AP gun that takes skill to use which gives a high damage output when used correctly or remove the Gold shells it has and reduce HE damage so it does the same damage of equal tier heavy tanks. currently it is a problem for skilled payers  so a lot of skilled side scraping players cannot use this technique anymore and it sucks when your in a tier 8 vs these monsters.   


Maus - get rid of OP drive wheel Armour  on side of tanks so that mediums can pen it and do damage and allow high caliber guns to pen maus cheeks when not angling it to bring back some skill to playing the maus. it needs Armour reduction in some small areas of the sides to allowed skilled players to effectively take them out without having to spam gold and make gold shells easily pen the turret cheeks when the tank is not angling properly and for higher caliber guns to penetrate without gold shells.  


Centurion 1 - buff the turret Armour so it covers  the entire face of the turret so it can actually compete against the american medium tanks that will soon have buffed turrets leaving the cupola as a weak spot so it is not OP


IS 6- Buff the IS-6 in some way to make it more unique so it can compete with non pref heavies such as defenders ( I don't see why all pref tanks are made non pref and then just buffed to improve game play when they are against non pref tanks of the same tier) also WG would like this because they love buffing their soviet tanks :) .


AT-7 also requires a buff either to it cupola Armour or having the size of it reduced as it is unplayable on open maps at the moment due to it or the other option would be to boost its speed slightly making it a ok tier 7 


I also found today when in in a tier 8 heavy a t95 is way to OP against me when it has it's gold rounds, so i think  it should not get gold rounds



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Rambosan #2 Posted 28 September 2017 - 04:12 PM


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Basically tanks u are currently playing should be buffed...

With one I agree, the whole british "tds wannabe" line starting with at 7 going through at 15 and tortoise is simply broken. Their armor allows them to compete with their tiers but not higher. Here we have a bunch of slow (20km/h) tds which are thought to have armor but they dont. Problem lies in match-making, premium ammunition or simply in the tanks models. It is really hard to grind towards tX.

bellyfering #3 Posted 28 September 2017 - 07:31 PM


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I do believe that the Tortoise is one of the most painful grinds. It's front armor is a JOKE. It can be easily penetrated by T8 from afar....you people with a space program financed by a game should do something about it.

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