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Suggestions to furter improve your new MM

matchmaking mm suggestion

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vimk #1 Posted 13 July 2017 - 04:07 PM


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Hello there :) 


I have been playing World of Tanks since april 2012 and always enjoyed the game, and I am happy that you are trying to improve the game continuously. I am not saying that I am that great of a player myself, but I am an excellent observer. 


The MM have always been a subject among me and other players and 2 things keep coming up.


Number 1: When you made your own ingame rating system (not WN8) then why did you not implement it into your MM AI to give players more even games. You can argue that it have happened in ranked batles, but for the type of players that do not want to play ranked battles (e.g. because they do not have a tier 10 tank) then I see why they think it is annoying to keep getting on the team where you have to carry. I get it that your old MM AI were from a time were you did not have that huge a player base so you wanted to give your players a low que time. Now though when you are reworking your AI I feel like it would be a thing to consider, maybe only let this part be active in the prime time of the different regions. 


Number 2: I have more or less always know that platoons gets a harder MM than solo players, or atleast that is my experience after over 27000 battles. I agree that specially 3 player platoons can determine the outcome of a match and even 2 player platoons can that aswell. That is not a problem if you normally player tier 9 and 10 with the new MM AI, but I see it as a problem for those who maybe only have a tier 8 tank (or maybe only a tier 7) and want to play with 1 or 2 friends. They will almost never get to be top tier and if they do not have higher than a tier 8 tank or e.g. tier 7 then they might not play that much or is new to the game. So when they realize or getting told that platoons are getting a much harder MM then we might loose them to another multiplayer game. Which is sad to me since we shut incourage people to play with others. Ofcause if e.g. 2x maus in a platoon got into a battle with only 3 tier 10 tanks to often that would ruine it for other players aswell, and I agree platoons shut have a harder MM. 


My point is that if a player knew that for a 2 player platoon you were e.g. guaranteed to be top and/or mid tier once e.g. every 5 battle. For 3 player platoons it e.g. be every 7 battle just to give an example. Then e.g. a 3 player platoon might not feel "cheated" from playing in a platoon, because for I find it fustrating that after 15+ battles in only a 2 player platoon to only have been mid tier 1 time and the rest you are part of the 7-8 tanks that are in the buttom. So this suggestion is mostly minded for tier 1-8 and a similar guarante for being top tier for tier 9 and 10 tanks could be made or let it be as it is. 


Kind Regards and happy hunting to all fellow tankers 

Vimk :)


PS. Sorry for the long post. 

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