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First Kolobanov

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FritzSpiegal #1 Posted 15 July 2017 - 04:35 PM


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Now that my pulse has dropped down to 200 I can post!


Just got my first Kolobanov and well chuffed.  As I have never had anything worth uploading a replay of I hope this is how it is done. (And if it isn't I'm sure someone will be along shortly to say how it should be done)



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Dava_117 #2 Posted 15 July 2017 - 04:39 PM


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I got mine a couple of week ago in my T-150! The feeling of power it gives it's fantastic. But almost every time il last less than 1 minute! :teethhappy:

ExclamationMark #3 Posted 15 July 2017 - 04:53 PM


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I've got 8 so far in total... 2 on this account, other 6 on my alt.


These are my best ones:


Y_O_L_0 #4 Posted 15 July 2017 - 06:02 PM

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Congratz on the Kolobanov's!

I remember all my battles where I got a Kolobanov's. I had an adrenaline rush in all of those battles, this is the reason why I love this game.

JuliusCheddar #5 Posted 15 July 2017 - 06:30 PM

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Man, something was telling me it was a kv1 XD 

Congratulations anyway! 

Cannes76 #6 Posted 15 July 2017 - 06:34 PM


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Congratz! I got my first ever Kolobanovs with KV-1 too back in the day. Of course it was a completely different tank then.

cellaman7 #7 Posted 15 July 2017 - 06:41 PM


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Congrats. Any epic medal gives you that fuzzy feeling when the stars align and you can't do anything wrong.

My Pools medal was the highlight of my tanking career.

Balc0ra #8 Posted 15 July 2017 - 06:47 PM

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Congrats. And may there be many more.


I remember my first one. A fake one as they say. Encounter on Westfield when cap was in the town. 1 vs 7 in my SU-152. I had a Lowe follow me around a house for 2 min while his 2 arty mates missed on me. And his TD friends was camping their "base" I suspect. As none of them appeared to help. We won as the time expired.


My first real one was in the KV-1 in a 1 vs 9 "My first and only Raseiniai to". T69 was the recent one to get it. As it was a 1 vs 5. But every one of those 5 inc a 1 shot kill and came one by 1. So luck more then anything tbh.


Uebergewicht #9 Posted 15 July 2017 - 07:35 PM

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I got my first Kolobanovs for... doing nothing. Steppes encounter in my Löwe, spawned south, follwed our meds into the cap circle. Score was close, our meds kept pushing, and my slow [edited]bottom tier tank couldn´t have kept up with them anyways, so I stayed in the cap to put some pressure onto the enemy, hoping they would make mistakes. Game stayed close for the longest time, fighting quite far away from me, when suddenly, our last remaining tanks all fell like a domino line in less than a minute. Cap was close, I was sitting in the base clenching my buttocks hoping to finish the game. In the last seconds, some enemy mediums appeared on the horizon, fireing at me wildly hoping to reset... they missed, I put a single shot into one of them, and the game ended. Kolobanovs.


My third Kolobanovs I got on Karelia assault defens in my Pz. 4H. Started positioning in the north, but switched to the south when that flank was about to collapse. Used binos to get some long range shots on an OI and an enemy medium. North suddenly collapsed, too, and enemies came in from all directions. I was afarid to get spotted and clicked, I managed to blow up a passing Hellcat and finish the OI. Last seconds of the game I hugged a rock and prayed, when I proxy spotted a full HP Sturer Emil about to turn the corner. Even with my derp gun I couldnt oneshot him, could not bounce him, he was guaranteed to oneshot me... just as his gun barrel appeared behind the roock, time run out. Kolobanovs.



The only somewhat "legit" Kolobanovs I got was in my Pz. B2. Basically, the last enemy tanks alive were... Pz. 1Cs, which literally cannot pen the B2, plus some low tier artillery... killed the 1Cs and even bounced some shots from the arty while hunting them down (I use spall liner). Only case I got a Kolobanovs from killing all enemies, but yeah, a lot more luck than skill was involved in that one.



I remember getting close once in my Rudy. on Tundra. I speeded around the map, trying to hit the enemies from all kinds of unexpected angles. Managed to take out two. A T67 found me and charged me over a bumb from behind, I back up in reflex, hit the T67 in the air with my behind, which caused him to spin and flip upon landing. Took him out, but was, during that time, found by an enemy medium which was just as fast as I was but had more HP, so he went in and traded me to death. Shame, that would have been one epic game.

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