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Lowe Canon Dmg Spot

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DragonH19 #1 Posted 16 July 2017 - 11:19 PM

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I was doing some tests with a friend of mine who have Lowe.

I was using JPZ E 100 and i was trying to pen certain spots on the Lowe turret front to front very far away.


I noticed that it bounced everywere and absorbed too, only down the gun, between the chassis and gun was able to pen.


But then i did another test.

I was shooting right trough his gun hole. 

I could pen the tank every single time with AP shell, HEAT shells were not doing dmg but as long as the shell would go trought his gun hole, i DMG it all the times.


Is this normal? I tought it would ABSORBE too and CRITICAL DMG the gun only.

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Balc0ra #2 Posted 16 July 2017 - 11:32 PM

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Go to tank.gg and look at the collision model around the tip of the gun mantle. It won't take you many seconds to figure out why. It's a tough spot to hit during randoms and most brawls....as the target won't stand still and let you hit it. So as a Lowe driver... I can't say I ever get penned there often. Or at all. You don't face many that knows about that spot. IS-6 has a spot like that to right behind it's gun that's 200mm. Unless they fixed it. 

RaxipIx #3 Posted 17 July 2017 - 12:21 AM

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Yeah, good luck penning a Lowe there in active battle. Whenever i see a competent Lowe driver Hull down, i just bugger off to shoot something else.

If he is good  and is not staying stationary i don't think there is  any tier 8 with prem ammo that can  reliably pen the Lowe turret while slightly angled and hull down.



I feel bad i didn;t pick one up, would gladly trade my patriot for it, since it seems such a nice tank to play.

kripton69 #4 Posted 17 July 2017 - 03:31 AM

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These are just training room scenarios, no different from "Defender has 150mm cupolas so it has no armor" kind of statements. The reality is that with the faster pace of real battles, the fact the enemy isn't AFK and keeps moving, as well as the sheer RNG this game has makes all pixel sniping only a low impact, last resort desperation shot. Basically when you know the enemy Löwe is going to reload in 1-2 seconds and you don't want him to shoot you and you only see his turret and you want to take a shot no matter how hopeless, you click bottom mid area of his turret and hope to hit. Every once in a while you hit when you get lucky but that's the extent of it. It's better than nothing but it's not a way to consistently damage the tank.

Phobos4321 #5 Posted 17 July 2017 - 03:34 AM


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and the 17cm gun of the jpz e100 is the diva of divas trying to hit a small weakspot would hardly work over 100-200m away

you wrote "from very far away" so i would rather assume distance of 500m or more and at that distances  i would be happy if the jpz even hit the löwe leave alone certain parts of it

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