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Alt+Tab Crashes when loading into a match

Crashes ALT+TAB

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swatdennis #1 Posted 17 July 2017 - 03:59 PM


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I keep experiencing Alt tab crashes when I am loading into a match (map screen) and when I open WOT again when it has notified I am in a game, the game just crashes, it gets stuck on the loading screen, but do hear sounds of the battle and I am not even able to get Taskmanager up to kill WOT... The only thing I can do is force-kill my PC.... 

Kind of anoying if you want to listen to music and always switch songs when in the queue... 

For anyone interested: I run WOT at max graphics no problem, constant 130 FPS, so that my PC gets overloaded is not the issue and I do not run any mods...


Thank to any and all who responds!


Edit at 06-08-2017:


Sometimes the game also crashes in the match itself, and sometimes in the garage aswell, but it seems to be random since it works sometimes like 20 times in 1 minute and sometimes it crashes the first time you try...


Drivers are updated and before the latest 3 updates of the software it did... this...


(speculating here)

I think it has to do with WOT itself, because I think the issue started with a LARGE update in the Bigworld engine somewere in the 9.0-9.9 region,or it could be the new soundengine?

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sdwboss #2 Posted 01 August 2017 - 06:06 PM


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I'm also experiencing this bug, it seems to be happening more and more lately.


When pressing alt + tab, there is a chance that the game will completely freeze, and the sound will loop about a second of music over and over.


I am able to see the windows mouse, but not my desktop, cannot bring up task manager, etc. The only way out of it is to kill my PC.


My graphics drivers are up-to-date, running in windowed fullscreen mode, disabled Vertical Sync in-game and in the Nvidia control Panel


Windows 10

Nvidia 970 4GB

i7 6700k




EDIT: Found the following entry in Windows Event Viewer from around the time of the crash:


The following application was terminated because it was hung: WorldOfTanks.exe.

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Pansenmann #3 Posted 01 August 2017 - 06:53 PM

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Any help with tech support so far?


just a wild guess - did you recently update graphics drivers?

if so, did it work with last driver version?


also: do you run windowed mode, fullscreen or windowed fullscreen?

you should able to get to taskmanager every time, unless whole system hangs.


be it either via CTRL+ALT+DEL or via <Win>+R


system and application hangs/freezes can have multiple reasons,

not only related to gpu.

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