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Implement a rule, matchmaking and so on

camp 1 minute matchmaking statfarmers teamplay battle improvement

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Laantje #1 Posted 25 July 2017 - 10:50 AM


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Hey all...


First of all, holidays are started so all the weekend players have some more time to play now... and giving me the nerves. We all notice the afk people, rushing to a hide out and don't move, or come in action to help team, anymore. The whole game... I don't know for sure if that is a strategic move for statfarmers (and I don't care for my stats, really, I play for a goal and fun at least so to say), or just "kids" who don't know where to go (if they are even going to play..) 


Can WG implement a rule/penalty/something for those afk idiots standing longer than a minute at the same place and don't react on teams asking for their help? At least build in an option that teammembers can do something about that to "paint" them for a fine or a cut in the income...even better: kick them out of the game after 2 minutes of camping/hiding without moving... I also know that this is gonna be hard if you play a td (and I really like td's....), well, to make them be more part of the team they also have to move a bit more from rock to rock... that's not so hard. I bet that those geniuses at WG can find something to that. They can make a tier 9 Jagdtiger totally worthless (stockgun only pens in flanks and when accidentally hitting a b-c-12t in the flank it is a critical hit instead of a cut in the hp...) so.... 


Matchmaking (battle/teamplay improvement)... let WG make some game where yellow players play with the yellow ones... oranges with the oranges, greens with the greens.... I hate to see that the tomatoes beyond us ruining the game for the few players like myself who like the game a lot, and like a fair game. Them tomatoes are more or less to say the ones written about in previous subjects, thus hiding/camping and don't come in action whole the game. 


I hate to say about this great game, but we almost have to buy premium time or premium tanks to make progress for a goal like me, make a win as a team, climb up in the tech tree and being able play with the tier 10 tanks like we all wish to do. 


This morning I played 5. 5 deaths/losses made me write this on this forum, after noticing this behaviour for a longer time now and being sick and tired from it. Don't say to me now: play at evening or night. It's even worse. And then I point at the statfarmers who camp the frigging time to kill all the by us fools damaged enemy's. Now that's clever... And leave their team helpless. Idiots... 

I did my sayings, thanks!

Kind regards



Nokkeli #2 Posted 25 July 2017 - 10:57 AM

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So you want WG to punish people for not playing the way you want them to play? Really good idea. Also funny how someone with 49% wins complain about bad players....

ricoBenitez1 #3 Posted 25 July 2017 - 11:03 AM

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Block Quote

 Can WG implement a rule/penalty/something for those afk idiots standing longer than a minute at the same place and don't react on teams asking for their help?


So when players dosent react to your cry for help you want them to be punished right. 

Comeback when you 1 have something important to suggest or 2 try suggesting it agan when you are a pro player.

Aikl #4 Posted 25 July 2017 - 11:03 AM


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I very much doubt such a system would come in place, as many maps actually favor basecampers. It is solved best by altering maps to the point where multiple tanks can't camp at one spot that covers the base and all entrances, not by implementing systems to prevent basecamping. Heck, even rewarding players for active gameplay might be a mistake - judging from when the campers suddeny decides that it's their time to shine and kick [edited] die in a fiery blaze of failure and calling your team gay.




Skillbased matchmaking is a flawed concept that will ensure that noone actually improve their abilities. 
can support a version where a 'basecamping factor' will decide who's playing together. Imagine thirty T10 TDs on Prokhorovka. Glorious stuff if you ask me - a TD player dream come true, fifteen minutes straight of "dynamic vision gaming". :great:

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Asklepi0s #5 Posted 25 July 2017 - 11:31 AM


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