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Some points to discuss on the current game

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ValkyrionX #1 Posted 25 July 2017 - 06:36 PM

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Hello everyone

I would like to discuss in a civil way if possible some things about the mechanics of the game that I think are improving and I would like to understand what you think too



Point 1
I think the credits system is totally distorted and disadvantageous to many wagons, the cost of ammunition should be standardized by type of ammunition and by type of wagon to keep such costs obviously following the logic of the levels of each wagon and the level of the cannon and its caliber. I also believe that repair costs are excessive for many wagons in the game and that even with the premium account (which you are forced to buy if you want to play so many wagons and go ahead better) you often go in loss or even with good matches let's figure out if lost (t57heavy, t55a, obj260, bc25t..the list is very long) and I think even the repair costs can be standardized for each level according to the total HP of the wagon in question and the types of damage received in battle and modules to be repaired.
Staging a credit system that I think is fallacious and doing everything to get premium time and premium tanks is a practice that I find strongly incorrect and lacking respect for who plays wot




Point 2

I never understood how the exp gain system works and why there are wagons in the technological trees to get rid of 150k xp and others that require almost 300k, I did not understand for example why even when you make a game monstrously good and losing your xp gain is shamefully low, the same thing when doing extremely good match and winning xp gains are in my opinion quite under the expectations a player would want to have.
I'm not saying that I want 10k xp for every ace tanker, but that this system is improved and reworked and made once and for all clearer to the players and above all that the assists dmg and the stun damage is best rewarded in this mechanism
And I still turn to the prey phrases I would like to understand why, but really why,  there are wagons that for being unlocked have such high demands in terms of xp (small example amx13-105 to be unlocked requires 261k xp while one t100 requires 279k) I think it is excessive and that according to the levels of the wagon type these unlocking costs in terms of xp can be standardized since it does not, in my view, have any logical sense to keep such disparities to unlock some wagons instead of others.




Point 3

When to adjust the passage of arcade / sniper view close to objects? I'm tired of seeing the roof of my wagon when I have to keep an eye on my opponent, this thing makes me very annoying when it happens to me



Point 4

Once again, the artillery, I can no longer understand how much influence they have in the game and above all what they are after the patch 9.18 and the useless massacre of alpha damage and the penetration of their cannons.
After I won the obj260 I sold the russian tier 9  212a to have some money (I had obviously unlocked the obj261) and in these last games I decided to buy it and play it without having arty in the garage, and I started doing it even with honor many missions to have some extra credits and some other interesting prizes.
I found it extremely tedious that a wagon with a 180 mm cannon does so little on even too heavy wagons, often I go top tier against tiers 8 and the average damage on an is3 is never over 420, even stupid and foolishly firing at a maus or type 5 and other heavy 8-9-X, similar to the medium wagons and the spotters, sometimes it's also unlikely to penetrate a grille or other armoreless tanks if you do not have a lucky shot and a shot with that cannon, that bow that impresses so much strength does not make sense so low penetration even worse apha damage is ridiculous for charging time.
I'm not a fan of the spgs, I only played it for missions, but I think it no longer has any sense to keep this class of chariot in play, no sense of stun damage that often forces anyone affected by a spg To use both kits if the situation requires it and this results in point 1 of the thread regarding gambling costs and the credit system and forcing players to buy premium time.
Remove spg was and is the best solituon for everyone




Point 5

Pay for winning and wrong philosophy of this free to play game

In the last few days we've actually introduced OP wagons and we all know it and I'm not here to list it, so I'll be short.
I'm stupid that certain premium wagons are so competitive and old-fashioned ones are so far back, I find it stupid that even with many premium wagons you have to use too many gold ammo cases that often do not penetrate enough. I close this point otherwise I get rude



Point 6
Maus, when will nerf this overbuffed tank armor?
Type 5 , when you will remove the stupid unfair derp gun which systematically nullifies the armor of the enemy? Is not it enough to increase the penetration of the cannon that shoots AP and that is a good cannon?!



Point 7

I have not played the other game modes since I often find allies who do not know how to play them and they go where they do not have to go and this makes me angry so I've been deactivated for some time and noticed especially with the latest patch playing only in mode Standard I always see and continuously only 5-6 maps, what sense does it have?


Point 8

How long ago wrote in a very detailed thread a FAME player found that the classified battles experiment was totally failed and that they no longer have to see the light on wot and therefore also remove the improved equipment by repaying it detecting one or more with credits



Point 9

The sandbox server has been closed and there has been no news on the 30vs30 epic battles experiments and in the maps developed for that mode, do you have any news about it?



Point 10

I would like to be able to draw the camouflage of my tanks, certainly sticking to a military camo, no one wants to see pink wagons ... and I would like to be able to put the coats of arms, drawings and phrases on the part I most like on the wagon.



Point 11

Patch 9.20, I read, and tell me if I'm wrong, that we will not see HD maps in this future patch.
But at least we can know when and if we will see in our lives if we see new maps in this game? Always playing the same maps seems to have a trip of acids





For now it's all, have a good life and sorry for my terrible english









ValkyrionX #2 Posted 25 July 2017 - 06:48 PM

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I forgot ..

Point 12
When will the dpm of 113 and wz111 5a decreased? It's really obscene and without sense compare to the rest of the heavy tanks of that level , over 3200 dpm and so fast reload time .. no sense!

unhappy_bunny #3 Posted 25 July 2017 - 07:46 PM


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Point 1. You should know by now that you need to earn credits at lower tiers in order to finance your play at higher tiers. If it was financially sound playing at high tiers then many people would abandon the lower/mid tiers and only play T10 tanks because they think that is the sole aim of the game.


Point 2. I guess the reason is the difference in equipment required for each tank. Some tanks carry the same radio, for example, over to the next one, so that does not need researching again.


Point 3 is just something you need to learn to control. 


Point 4. I guess we all have different views on arty. I was happy with how it was, and i have learnt to live with how it is now.


Point 5. I don't think there is a Pay to Win system in the game. It might be correct to call it Pay to Progress Quicker. I do think WG made a mistake with some of the newer Premium tanks, but then I think they also made a mistake with some of theT10 tanks. It is players that decide to fire "premium" ammo or not. The more that do so, the more that will follow their example. However, thankfully, "premium" ammo is not a guaranteed winner all the time and ordinary ammo often does the job, especially below T10.


Point 6 I cannot comment on. Have faced a Maus, or rather got round behind it, as only an idiot sits face on to it. Never played it, and never tried total it down on my own.


Point 7. Never really liked Encounter, or Assault. Never tried Ranked Battles, so again I cannot comment.


Point 8. Not sure I understood that at all.


Point 9. I know about as much as you do on this. Maybe an announcement will be made sometime.


Point 10. why would you want to draw your own camouflage? what is wrong with the ones you can buy or rent?


Point 11. Again I cannot comment as I have not read anything about 9.20. Its not something that worries me. Would I like new maps? yes I would. Am I bored with current ones? Not really.


Point 12. Well, there are many tanks I dislike the dpm and  rof on, but I doubt anything will happen to change them. 








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