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9.20 tier IX/X meduim balance

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scorpiontank1 #1 Posted 25 July 2017 - 08:39 PM

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so as we can see many meduims getting buffed , whats most important is the tier XI /X ones 


british meduims getting well deserved turret buffs , amx 30 b getting deserved buff as well , m46 and m48 getting buffs as well , but for some reason t54 gets turret buff too because rasha , and amx30 1er too  because u know its already too WEAK......


and what about chinese meduims ? czech meduims are borderline op so no wonder they dont get buff , but what about the wz-120 and 121?


i mean sure 121 got -5 gun dep last patch but still this meduim will be crapin comparasion with most meduims of 9.20 , they got craphandling , 121 turret is worse than any of the new 9.20 turret or the curret soviet med turret are even better , because 121 turret front have a big flat cheeks of 240mm effectiveness . its like an old t54 turret but 1 tier higher , mobility is poor , pen/velocity is lower than most meds , and it dosent have the beast dpm many meds does or will have in 9.20 


i belive tier 9 and tier 10 chinese meds also need buff in 9.20 or else they will be  ignored as always , we rarley see wz-120's and 121's , last patch made 121 appear a bit more in the battlefield but upcoming patch will have negative effect on it again 


hell , wz-1115a is better than 121 in almost every thing


Homer_J #2 Posted 25 July 2017 - 08:52 PM

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Wasn't it only last week that we had the same complaint that the British weren't getting any buffs?


Have you not noticed that they leak a nation at a time?

HundeWurst #3 Posted 25 July 2017 - 08:55 PM


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The WZ-120 msot certainly could use some love. A gundepression buff to -5 would help that tankas well. THe 121 got a MASSIVE buff with the enhanced gundepression. Dont underestimate that buff.


What I dont quit understand is why all these mediums get major turret buffs but ther tanks are left behind. Leo1 would need a buff for ages now but never gets/got one. Who knows why. And while we are at it the E50m could also need a buff to turret armor or a rate of fire buff. No real reason to keep that at the current level when most other mediums, whoa re at least as good get buffs as well.

But maybe they will buff german mediums as well, who knows.


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