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What is going on with WOT

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TigerAceII #1 Posted 31 July 2017 - 04:45 PM


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Hello guys,

I was reading the new patch 9.20 notes the other day and I got exremely angry with what they are doing to the game.

WoT is an amazing and good game, but we can all agree that it is going dowhill faster that a avalnce.


  Because Wargaming has no idea how the game is played and what it needs.  This can be proven by their actions the past few years.

  First of all we had the introduction of the most amasing and broken premium tanks the world has ever seen that basically costed a fortune and were idiot proof and unbalanced. The community caused a massive uproar, but nothing changed. The people that did speak up, got hammered.

  Then we had the numerous failed games modes introduced by wargaming (historical battles, domination ) that were basically unecessary and irelevant to the game.

  They spent soo much time on these useless projects trying perfect them instead of trying to fix the broken game we are trying to play.

  They introduced the Frech medium line. Most of the community agreed that it was basically a leopard PTA/1 clone top tier in a matter of weeks, yet wargaming apparently just relised that after so many years and I quote ''АМХ 30 and AMX 30 B play the same as the German Leopard 1 and Leopard Prototyp A'' from the  patch 9.20 notes. Did it take them all this years to realise that ?

Then we have the over nerf/over buff cycle. The japanese types were irelevant in introduction. Suddenly Wargaming decided to overbuff them to oblivion making them some of the  most broken tanks in the game. Now after so many patches they just realised that they must have frontal weakspots in 9.20....

The Batchat 25t, a extremely competitive tank that needs rebalancing. Wargaming decided to nerf it to oblivion without any reason. The community went mental and instead of reworking the nerf ,they just postponed it ...

(If you ask me the only thing that the Batchat 25t needs is to reduce its drum down by one shell. This would basically make the peopel that tend to suicide with it unable to tyake with them almost any tier 10 medium in the game (still this is my opinion)).

The same over nerf/over buff cycle can be seen with many other tanks such as the  E5, Grille, WT auf E100, Maus ..and many more.

The arty nerf..... one of the most legendary and ignorant nerfs in the history of world of tanks. Tne nerf was well deserved for arty and it took Wargaming long enough to realise that. Still i remember laughing at the video the released abhout the  arty changes were Wargaming very proudly and surely said and i quote ''Now arty will have no reason to shoot individual targets but focusd more on enemy tanks groups''. What a ignorant joke that was

The game itself needs a lot of work and a lot of fixing to its basic mechanics (penetration RNG, etc) to become balanced and enjoyable, yeat Wargaming instead of fixing these issues they focus on ranked batles mode, HD maps and other irelevant projects, taking away resources and manpower from thing that actually need it.

And one final note about the Wargaming community represetatives. These people are not just for Wargaming to make money and bring new players in, they are there to also pull Wargaming decisions to the right track  and prevent stupid things like things hapening the last few years. They are peoplel that play and understand the game and dont live in the magical world of closed trials and limited player exposure. In reality, their opinion on the game mechanics and balance is more valuable than the opinion of any Wargaming employ due to the  fact that they have experiance with the  game and the people playing it. So wargmaing instead of using them as ''World of tanks cheerleaders'' shoulds actually start listening more to them and understand their points. 

Anyaway, my main point is that if Wargaming was playing the ganme more, they could understand what it needs and they could fix it while also listening to the community contributers more.

Until wargaming gets this message the game will continue to decline until it wont be profitable moe for them and shut it


Thank you for reading all this block of text :)



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NUKLEAR_SLUG #2 Posted 31 July 2017 - 04:56 PM


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The "community" has absolutely no idea what it wants.

TigerAceII #3 Posted 31 July 2017 - 05:23 PM


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The ''community'' can do whatever they want, but Wargaming is the one that owns the game and can fix it


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Jigabachi #4 Posted 31 July 2017 - 05:48 PM

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View PostNUKLEAR_SLUG, on 31 July 2017 - 04:56 PM, said:

The "community" has absolutely no idea what it wants.

Like in every other game, that community is a very diverse bunch of people who all want different things. 

It's the job of a competent dev to find out what kinds of people they should listen to and whom they should ignore.

laulaur #5 Posted 31 July 2017 - 06:02 PM


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A lot of people from this community are [edited], they just voted this month for a already discounted line at T0TT (swedish TD's)

Maybe WG does not take the best decisions, but if they had let the community to vote for the changes, that would ended by having:


-anti-artillery umbrella/forcefield

-arty that can penetrate that umbrella

-lights that can cloack (like that guy in Starcraft, the ghost thingy)

-heavys with the speed of Bat-Chat and armor of Maus

-unicorns (the real deal unicorns-those like horses, not the unicums) 

-anime girls

-maps from Counter-Strike

-trolls under the bridges


And many, many more wonderful thing like these. If only WG would listen to its community......

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