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Winrate inconsistency

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Velvet_Underground #21 Posted 07 August 2017 - 04:37 PM

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View PostsgtYester, on 06 August 2017 - 08:48 PM, said:

there are "barriers" build in into the game 


so at certain points u have a winrate that u cant get past and only after a lucky streak u go over it untill u hit the next one.


its all a way of wg to balance the players.


just like the bad rng u get when u shoot at red players

Can you please explain why I didn't have such non-performance related "barriers" in my wot "carrier"?

The only time my winrate really stagnated for some time was at somewhat below 54%, not because of manipulation but as a result of stagnant results in my gameplay and loads of new vehicles to play. It's really a strange coincedence that without better stats (kills per game, wn8, spots etc) my winrate didn't increase, that must be the result of manipulation and not, i don't know, me reaching the winrate that my stagnating stats allowed me to reach with my playstyle. Funnily enough during the next intervall my winrate started rising (it continually is after that point in time) just when my results got better. Maybe, just maybe my personal improvement and the higher average damage, wn8, average spots etc allowed me to win more games without any manipulation or "lucky streak" required but that might just be my delusions...

Let me guess: You are the victim of the manipulation you mentioned and you not reaching more than 52,5% wr is in no way related to your failure to improve in any meaningfull way and thus hitting your skill cap.  Obviously recent values on par with your overall values should lead to a higher winrate. Without the pesky manipulation your 1.6k recent wn8 compared to your 1.55k overall wn8 should enable you to reach 60% but there's nothing you can do against that, right?:rolleyes:




flashbarts #22 Posted 07 August 2017 - 04:51 PM


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happens to me too all the time, usually when i start playing T9 and T10 again - the lesson i fail to learn is that i am not good enough to exist at these tiers, but like the tanks :-(


T6 / T7 is about my limit where i feel i can actually carry and do good work :-)



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