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[support and joke]how rng hijacks supports minds

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tuxun #1 Posted 10 August 2017 - 09:34 PM

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I quote a part of discussion I have with support team :)

Me <<


yesterday, i wanted to know for how much % of perks my lttb crew would be decreased if i put it on t54lwt (the thing you were supposed offer to us when you nerfed the lttb, but which you didnt)

But when a clicked on "confirm", the confirmation windows never came and it trained it!!!

Result: i've lost 40k silver and 19% of skill just cause you dont know how to make a cancel button, and spend your time to do make mistake to players.

Apply button: confirmation windows.
Confirm button: no confirmation>>


Ok that was stupid.


Support:<<Unfortunately confirmation button is the button that actually gives you 100% chance to confirm your choice and there is no need for the second confirmation button nor confirmation window.>>

<<I strongly encourage you to write about your concerns on our forum. You can start a new discussion about game client and leave your suggestion.>>


Well it was not really a more clever answer...


Me:<<Im' sorry, do you reallly ask to me to post on the forum where I get no answer and report soooo many bugs than you close topics?

And the apply button is a button giving you 100% chance to get a confirmation windows?WTF DEVELOPPERS?please stop mind[autocensured] us!>>


And then they proposed me to help me, read what follow:

<<Once your ownership is verified, we will give you more detailed information about changes will be made on your account if we restore it to the date you will share with us.>>

if i can confirm a stuff... and they would give more detailled info? ok let try if they can put my crew back as normal.


guess what? THEY DID IT (delete 1.5day days of game, removing 1k free xp), but before I could confirm it would be the good moment I was looking for: 2day ago.



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