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[DAILY] Recruiting international players

daily international recruit player clan

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eSuba_SuperLowe #1 Posted 13 August 2017 - 07:12 PM


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This clan, DAILY, is recruiting.



What we require:

- around 2000 WN8 overall, 2500 WN8 recent (for the last 1k battles).

- Tanks suitable for CW and SH.

      For example: IS-3, AMX 50-100, T-32 / IS-7, Maus, Type 5, 50B, BC 25t, 113 and so on...

- Some activity (that means we don't need you to play all day long, twice a weak might prove to be enough)

- The ability to think.


What we provide:

- when we reach enough players to play SH, then we will play SH :)

- if there will be enough players available, then CW.


If you don't meet the requirements (like you have 1800 overall and 2700 recent), feel free to submit your application.


For info, contact: anyone currently in the clan.Bator.png



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