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Why we always we play same 5-6 maps each DAY ?

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zukimik #1 Posted 14 August 2017 - 10:38 AM


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I had enough of this game, for over a month and 50 games a day i only get 5-6 maps ... and all are city maps, Stalingrad, Karkov, Paris, Pilsen, Abbey, No matter the tank you play you get one of these maps over and over, i already can't play the game anymore because i'm, f..king sick of these maps.  I'm sure that WG give us these maps to have shorter games, on these maps the game duration is at best 5 minutes and War gaming want's us to play more games each day so you wont get maps other then these 5-6 i mentioned above, a new map besides these 5-6 is 1 at every 5 games or so. This game is build only to take your money, if we get open maps and the game duration is like 10 minutes WG looses money, let's say your average glod amo per game is 10, and you play 10 games a day you end up firing 100 glod shells per day. What if WG makes you to fire double the amount of shells ? Easy, city maps over and over, instead of playing 10 minutes a game and fire only 100 gold shells, you play more games and the amount of gold amo is higher.


They do this intentionally so you lose even more credits than you ordinary lose in a regular day.


In the last year the RNG have doubled the amount of unproductive shells (Bounce or miss), is higher than ever, in a bad game you have over %50 unproductive shells. Most of the games, your unproductive shells are about %30, i almost forgot the games where we had %100 hit shells, those days are gone.

ricoBenitez1 #2 Posted 14 August 2017 - 10:49 AM

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Why we allways see this topic cuz nobody have learnt to use the search function here on forum.

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