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proposing tier 10 swedish light tank and some others

tier 10 light tank Light Tanks Light Tier 10 Light Sweden Swedish Tier 10

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CamperKaempfer #1 Posted 16 August 2017 - 05:19 PM

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swedish tier 10 light, designed in 1969. 105 mm mounted in a prototype at some point


Ikv 91 a.jpg


soviet tier 7 light




american t95 medium tank


T-95 tank.jpg


american t92 light tank




american t54 medium tank

https://en.wikipedia..._(American_tank)  (redundand, similar to other american mediums with any of the three turrsets it mounted. the autoloading turret renders it similar to the t69)


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CamperKaempfer #2 Posted 16 August 2017 - 05:26 PM

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if you think the swedish light tank is too modern fear not: it was designed in 1969 and produced in the 70's, similarly to the japanese tier 10 medium, the stb-1. i know both light tanks are amphybious but so are the sheridan and some tier 2 or 3 soviet light tank too. the problem is that the swedish don't have a light line but i think it would still be a very nice addition to the game. maybe other post-war swedish lights can be found and be accompanied by the heavily modernised chaffee with a new engine and 90mm gun operated norwegian army. i know norway sin't sweden but switzerland and hungary aren't germany either and yet we have the mutz and the turan as german tanks, and it's not like either was ever used by germany. about the soviet one, it has a power to weight ratio of only 16hp/t, but most high-tier lights have better engines in the game than in reality.


there is also a tank destroyer based on the hull of the pt-74


ASU-85 6 Dywizji Powietrznodesantowej.jpg


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lord_chipmonk #3 Posted 16 August 2017 - 10:33 PM

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In reverse order cos I am special. 


ASU85: Sure, as a mid tier TD. 

T54: This is essentially the T54E1 we have in game already, so no.

T92: Rumours of this little blighter have abounded for some time. Apparently there is even a tank model for it. Yes please. 

T95: We already have some varients of the tank in the game. 

PT-76: Kinda surprised we don't already have this tank in game. 

Kanonenwagen91: The thing with this is that it used a 90mm gun firing HEAT and HE ammo. Not really sure a 90mm derp gun would cut it at tier 10. WG could of course play around with the firepower. Similar problems b.t.w. with the British Scorpion. 





pathed91 #4 Posted 17 August 2017 - 12:08 AM


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Swedish lights would be too similar to the german to be able to justify introducing them. Both would be big tanks (for lights) with no armor and using 90mm guns at tier 9 and 105mm guns at tier 10.


Would be fun to have amphibious ikv 91's though, driving along the river on Erlenberg. :)

CamperKaempfer #5 Posted 17 August 2017 - 10:17 AM

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i'm not sure about the 90mm either but the problem with it would be the penetration, i guess, so let's consider that the penetration in the game is not always realistic. just think of the 40mm of the matilda with 120mm of penetration. but wait i jsut read thsi in the page: Plans were made to replace its 90 mm gun with a 105 mm gun or even a TOW missile launcher. Only the 105mm gun was made as a prototype in 1983 (Ikv 105), but none went into production as the tasks these vehicle could have performed could easily be tasked to Leopard tanks or CV90s. so there woud be no problem introducing it in the game. the hellcat never even mounted the 90mm too gun in the game. only 76mm and a howitzer. it could probably have the choice to acrifice alpha, dpm and gun handling in order to gane penetration as it's the case of many tanks in the game

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leggasiini #6 Posted 17 August 2017 - 10:25 AM

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T92 is already in-game files and they have plans to introduce it at some point I think

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