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For Devs: Feedback and suggestions after my 4 years in WoT

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KeyJay #1 Posted 26 August 2017 - 10:43 AM


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To start with: It is gonna be a long reading. :) 

For my 4th year anniversary of creating my account I decided to do some stats about destroyed tanks with WoT Assistant and then write some feedback about tanks as much objective as I can. By checking every tank I played in the Assistant and looking at tanks I've destroyed, I have revised all my experiences and decided to write some summary. I am an above average player, years before I really did not use my brain a lot while playing and I did not see the background of the game. I think I have grown in my WoT playstyle quite a bit. :) As I said, I am not a pro player, I want to enjoy the game and I want to have fun with diverse tanks,


Few words for British tanks. Their tree offers different experiences in lower tiers and tiers 8+. Personally I like that, I kept all tanks and enjoy going back to them. They all have a common thing of low alpha damage, but high rate of fire. High tiers offer awesome accuracy, aim times and generally speaking reliable guns. For that they sacrifice armor. This gives both mediums and heavies very similar style of playing, supporting role. And if a player doesn't want to accept it, he will do badly. And he should go for a different nation's heavies. I have heard a lot of complaints on British armor, but the thing is they are not about armor. Just like autoloading French heavy tanks. Now, I am not against new heavy tanks, that would keep the style Black Prince has ended, but please do not take the Centurion/Caernarvon/Conquror style from us, these tanks are to make use of their guns, view range and mobility. And hopefully my beloved Chieftain will join them soon.


FV215b - I'm bad at playing it, but just wanted to say that it is strong in two aspects - DPM and sidecraping. But! Side armor is so bad you overangle so easily, it is frustrating. I would add some milimetres to the side.


Conqueror - my lover, I really love the L1A1 and enjoy beeing the support-heavy tank, the role that really suits me. It's really good to have support-heavy in game like this that has great DPM, turret, but sacrifices the hull armor and top speed. Thanks for making this tank so cool and unique! But I've seen some supertest stats - please, I personally think that British heavy line is a support-heavy line. It is about DPM, penetration and accuracy, not about armor. There are other nations for that. Brits have this thing common with Frenchies, but they have autoloaders. For example a difference between M103 and Conqueror was mainly in hull armor and gun. You want to increase the hull of Conq and decrease its DPM? You will basically streamline those tanks and I don't like that. Please think about it again. There was only one one thing that could be improved for Conqueror in my modest opinion - and that is the gun depression. It has a really good turret for its tier, I don't see a reason to change it. Stock Conqueror was a real pain in the butt and it looks absolutely same as Caernarvon, which is lame in my opinion. But that will be changed, right?.


Caernarvon - I don't mind the low alpha damage, but I feel like it would need a bit better reload (mainly comparing to buffed Centurion 1). Also the turret is just not reliable, places with awesome armor, places with crap armor. Again, some stats from supertest – I think increasing its alpha damage is a good way to enhance its capabilities for a majority of players. Make the DPM balanced (between Black Prince and Conqueror) and please don't nerf accuracy, dispersions or penetration. Anyway also a good support-heavy tank, that can pull out awesome scores.


FV201 (A45) - the only high tier premium heavy British tank, what a shame. Anyway, the turret is good, the upper frontal armor is a dissapointment. I know it is a Centurion hull, but it is a heavy tank. :( And since the tank has really low alpha damage, but awesome DPM, it really sucks not to hit some shots because of too long aim time. I think it would deserve at least better aim time, or in better case better dispersions, to make its role in battle higher and improve its name.


Centurion AX - I was so excited to get it, but the turret dissapointed me so much I almost never played it. But it should get a buff right? That's right!


Centurion Mk. 7/1 - it is one of my most favourites tanks, I even put my first girls in it and loved it before its buff and now it's even better! Just the turret is a dissapointment, mainly when I'm fighting against Russian medium tanks in hull down, my turret is a sometime bounce, their almost everytime. Hopefully the buffs will solve it.


Centurion 1 - I was really bad playing it, until I realised the proper way to play it. It is of course even better after buffs, but even before I really enjoyed it. Just the turret could be better. This has confirmed me the Primo Victoria (Strv 81), basically a Cent 1 with the turret I would like to have.


FV4202 - It didn't get the buffs as Centurion 1, which really sucks for it. The turret is strong only in places, same story as Cent AX, but I've seen a planned buff. :) Also the upper plate should get a buff as well as an engine? Premium tanks seem to be getting really good compared to standard ones, which doesn't seem right to me. Buffing the upper plate is a welcome thing, but if the upper plate will be cca 220mm effective, that's I think a lot. And an engine buff as well? If the armor will be buffed this much, I would not put the new engine in if I were you. SuperPershing also has an awesome armor but it is slow even though it is a medium tank, some aspects of the tank should still stay not that good, hm? Other than that, I'm glad that it is avalaible as premium, I enjoy it. :)


Comet - Bad penetration, who cares, it is fun!


Cromwell - Awesomness in its full speed! :)


Sherman Firefly - Its gun is something like Conqueror's or Cent 7/1's at their tiers, it's so addictive. :)


Crusader - My most played tank, really broke my heart when you changed it into medium tank and it lost its camo while moving. :(


FV 4005 - There is hardly and difference in mobility between it and the 183, also the depression, turret dispersion and small turret arch are frustrating. But I have read some rumors (?) that it will be buffed. Exactly in these things that I don't like and make the tank weak. Great. :) Just keep it balanced.


Conway - I absolutely love it, so many awesome games with it. I've read that it should get a 600 alpha damage gun? If so, please make it an option and don't replace the reliable L1A1 with its awesome DPM. And from what I saw it should get a premium HESH (which is a brilliant idea!), but I saw it would have 200mm penetration, which seems weird since Charioteer has 210mm and FV4005 230mm of HESH penetration, so Conway's gun should have 220mm. Logic. ;)


Challenger - Going through it was a nightmare for me but it is getting a buff too, right?


Type 5 Heavy - I'm really glad you buffed its armor, now it can do something, since it is a pure slow heavy. Adding weak spots in next patch seems fair, but don't make them too weak, else the tank would be again really bad. I also dislike the premium HE for the 15cm gun that has much higher damage, it seems weird and bad. I would remove the premium HE and maybe replace it with premium HEAT, that has 750 alpha, just like most of the tier 10 TDs have, 750 AP/1 100 HE.


O-Ho - Really funny to play with the howitzer, it is a different playstyle and different playstyles are always welcome and add diversity! :)


Heavy Tank No. VI - It is underrated by a lot of people, but I really love it, it was my first premium tank.


O-I Exp. - The gun with 300 alpha is too strong for its tier, I agree with that, but hopefully the tank will still be fun as before in the next patch. :)


STB-1 - I'm still learning to play it, but it is awesome, just the side armor is really garbage, not beeing able to sidecrap. Also it has its role as it had the highest DPM of 105mm guns on mediums, next patch it will be the AMX 30 B that will also have better armor, so what the role of STB-1 will be?


Type 5 Chi-Ri - When bottom tier or against arty it is bad, but it has that awesome fun autoloader that bursts 3x130 and reloads in a pretty short time, that is an autoloader I really enjoyed! :) (Together with the 59-16's....)


Leo - Fun tank, I prefer to play it with the big gun and I enjoy its mobility and balanced firepower. I didn't go for Emil and further since I don't like autoloaders with big reload times, so I hope that one day you will add a small branch of medium tanks in 8-10 tiers branching from Leo, that have similar playstyle as Leo. ;)

59-16 - You removed the autoloader, which broke my heart. :( I never felt it was overpowered, bad accuracy, really bad penetration. In this case you removed diversity from the game, small magazines, that are brutal at close range and quickly reloaded are not there, it was a unique vehicle, now it is just another tier 6 light. Also, the VK 28.01 which had a howitzer, I never played it, I got smashed by its HEs a lot in my 59-16, but it was unique and I had to watch out for it. Now it is gone and it has a "normal" gun like all others...


M36 Jackson - It's just gorgeous! I really love it, speed and armor are not great, but just okay together with the gun.


T30 - Step down from T28 Prot. in frontal hull armor, I'm not saying it should be impenetretable, it needs to be balanced of course, it's just T30 cannot anyhow angle the frontal armor to make decent protection even against tier 7 tanks. Adding about 10-20mm would do the trick. T28 Prot. has awesome hull for its tier and T110E4 as well (upper plate).


T110E4 - Very little improvement in DPM from T30 which is alright, but one of the most annoying things for me in T30 is turret dispersion and overall accuracy, but I respect that for the balance. There is no improvement for E4 though! There is an accuracy difference between FV4005 and the 183 to compensate their armour differences. The armor difference between E3 and E4 is not that high, but since E4 has to hide its weak spots, I think it would be only fair to boost these two aspects. It would deserve some love back since it was heavily nerfed in the past.


Object 430 - you are buffing the Obj. 140 by removing the roof armor that was able to overmatch, but why don't you do the same to the least played tier X Russian MT, that also has these spots? And that tragic lower side plate of 15mm... I think this one and not the 140 could use some love.


MAPS - I really miss the old maps, yes it was stated they were not balanced, but can they be reworked and put back? Or just add new maps in general, that is a thing that kind of sometimes makes want to stop playing, same maps over and over again.


MATCHMAKING - So far I have to say it is better than before, but I still have nights where tier 8 is always bottom. There is planned limit for 2 arties per battle right? I agree. I would also think about limit for Tank destroyers. I'm sure you have experienced a battle with a lot of TDs. It just plays weird and if it is a big map, it is a big camp. I think limit of 5 would be just enough.


As you can see, I'm a British tank lover. I prefer their support playstyle and if I want to play differently, I go to a different nation. I've read something about Super Conqueror, I really hope it will not replace my beloved support-heavy Conqueror, that is awesome in its current state. I would also like to see a tier 8 British premium heavy tank. And. The Cheiftain, please, please. I'm eager for it for such a long time, I have a women crew trained for it that is sitting in FV201 (A45) and wanting to get in their tank that should be here. I hope for the same solution as on consoles, make it a second tier X tank, FV215b will still be there as it gives a different playstyle with the turret sitting at back.


Anyway, I want to thank you, I have had great times with this game and got to know many awesome people. :) Don't screw this game up please, sometimes it seems like the game is being developed by completely different people than few years back.


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