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Recap and Live Q&A from gamescom 2017 Player Party!

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Community #1 Posted 26 August 2017 - 12:30 PM


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Learn more about this amazing evening!

The full text of the news item

Firefly__xD #2 Posted 26 August 2017 - 12:46 PM


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Got to shout "TRYHARDS!!" at some S4 guys, met HueyNL (and other awesome people), and witnessed Sabaton.


10/10 would go again 

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leggasiini #3 Posted 26 August 2017 - 01:05 PM

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Awesome to hear that the Japanese TDs are at least planned!


Any possibility for them to appear in 2018?

WotPizza #4 Posted 26 August 2017 - 01:31 PM


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Yeah right! that Q&A was far too linear and did not have any form of satisfying answers in it. 

I asked what Wargaming was planning to do about the toxic community and the cyber bullies but apparently Wargaming backs them up by not adressing the cyberbullies as a problem!!! 


So Wargaming do you like it that lots of your players are getting bullied in your playerbase because of XVM and your game? You like that dont you since you did not publish my question which is highly relevant. 


No money for WG.

LordSkyFury #5 Posted 26 August 2017 - 01:42 PM


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Still no plans with most broken mechanic - gold ammo... This ammo has no significant disadvantage. Penetration boost mostly cancel out small disadvantages. Gold ammo also caused armor irrelevance leading to overbuff super heavies.

WotPizza #6 Posted 26 August 2017 - 01:45 PM


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Gold ammo you have to use on lots of tanks to be able to compete.. its not broken at all. I have to use gold ammo in my valentine2 pointless to use the standard ammo. Full gold ammo in it... They need to fix it so that standard ammo can penetrate yes but currently we have to have gold ammo in order to damage tanks. But lots of tanks seems to have rubbish pen-values and they are suffering the most most annoying to grind those lines too. And the ones with good pen like tiger1 and stuff have total useless armour. Nice tank but dies in 2 seconds.

I just have proved Wargaming DOES NOT read the forum because they have not answered my question yet. Hehe. Start reading WG you said you were reading the forum. Apparently you are not and you were lying again.

Animalul2012 #7 Posted 26 August 2017 - 02:45 PM


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Well this quite intersting! 

Japanese tds are very welcome in the near future .

Ranked battle revamp and better rewards- this is welcomed.

HD maps- well hope you wont lose that much fps, i already play in HD mode and get between 60-110 fps remains to be seen

Poland nation-this is a good think too but we hope much more nations coming in the near future such as Italy and maybe Romania or Hungary.

Reworked matchmaking four t6-t8 tanks- this need to be done ASAP.

Premium t8 premiums specialy with preferential matchmaking- just buff the pen of the 122mm guns on the 112,is-6 and maybe four the t34-3 too at about 207 mm(also four the wz-111) and many others tanks too such [edited]CDC, FCM 50T, JG TIG 8.8 and T34. 

And the final one the crltclsm- stop being soo childish people want to speak the truth listen to them and they will be happy, you know what you ( or the devs from wows) have done with the graff zeppelin buff it and make Ichase CC again. 

Overall if all of this will happen the only problem left will be the premium ammo and if that will be fixed too( just like arty did ) then the game will be better than ever. God bless your minds with the right decissions.Sorry for bad english.

SlyMeerkat #8 Posted 26 August 2017 - 03:49 PM

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superfly2000 #9 Posted 26 August 2017 - 04:28 PM


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Finally they announced something about matchmaking and specifically platoons matchmaking!

TheArk_2014 #10 Posted 26 August 2017 - 07:09 PM


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Nice announcement, especially the part "Questions & Answers" ... well, here is my question "When Are You Going To Fix This?"






One team with at least double heavies .

I'm not talking about battles with 1 vs 2 or even 2 vs 4, I'm talking for even worst battles ... better see the videos to understand the problem.

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Geno1isme #11 Posted 26 August 2017 - 10:12 PM

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Was a nice event (of course there is always room for improvement). Especially when you managed to talk to some of the devs in person. Some extra info I could extract from Milos (WoT Publishing Director), please mind it's not a full transcript so some context may be lacking, and of course there's the possibility for translation and transcription errors:


- Premium-Ammo - several options are considered for "disarming" that topic (including a Blitz-like Alpha nerf), but nothing decided yet

- Premium-Ammo isn't considered a major issue when it comes to balancing

- Derp-Guns of Type 4+5 are not considered a problem

- One stat that plays a role when it comes to decide which tanks are going to be rebalanced are cap points - based on the assumption that a tank that caps a lot is just too bad to win in another way

- Foch 50 B isn't planned to be nerfed to a 5 shot clip (quote: "We're not smart enough for that" ), however they're aware that the tank might be problematic

- The rebalancing of high-tier meds (like turret armor buffs) is based on their real-life roles, that they're kinda loosing their speciality is a known risk

- Leopard is supposed to fill the super-sniper role

- T62 and Obj140 are supposed to relate to each other like the different T54 guns in 9.20: One has DPM but bad gunhandling, the other good gunhandling but bad DPM

- Official Supertest Leaks might include more information in the future

- They're quite happy with the new template matchmaker, only T8 and T10 are making problems. Apparently in the incoming feedback the MM complaints have gone down massively.

- As long as Milos is working at WG there will be no return of the WTE100 on the non-Chinese servers

- Template-MM is a complete redesign and not incorporating any code/features from the old MM

- HD-Maps are using Havok clientside


IdlePython #12 Posted 27 August 2017 - 12:08 AM


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Bucifel #13 Posted 27 August 2017 - 12:43 AM


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i was sure they wont answer to most common questions and wont give answers about biggest and worst problems like..:


gold ammo

OP premium tanks

p2w policy



of course...they dont want to discuss things like this...



and dont tell me that Balance subject, gold ammo or OP premium tanks are not on top as questions !

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Shade1982 #14 Posted 27 August 2017 - 08:43 AM

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At the moment we feel that battles end too fast and become one-sided, such as 15:4 after 4 minutes. If that's the case, can you share statistics on changes to battle results and times over the last updates?

 While we obviously cannot share the exact data and statistics, we do confirm that this fact is true. We are analysing those statistics and are looking into solving this issue.

This is a very interesting comment. I openly mentioned this once (the forum topic might still be floating around somewhere) and was ridiculed for it by many players. Yet now, even WG confirms this happens.


Any plans to improve dated Premium tanks (IS-6, Type 59, WZ-111, 112, etc.) in the future?

 As for Chinese Premium heavy tanks, they have already been sufficiantly improved with the most recent balance changes, which is confirmed by both the players’ feedback and statistics. As for the vehicles with preferential matchmaking, we’re working on different solutions on how to tackle this situation, but we haven't made a final decision yet, so please bear with us.

People always seem to focus on the popular tanks for some reason. What about tanks like the Excelsior and the FV201? Those were already underpowered when they were introduced and it hasn't gotten any better...


roachex #15 Posted 27 August 2017 - 09:08 AM

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Any plans about second french HT line? The models are like since 2012 if I am right, and there was a necro around april/may this year (char 65t), as well premium Somua.



RoyalFlyingCorps #16 Posted 27 August 2017 - 09:27 AM


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I'd guess the premium TDs will appear around Christmas, when people spend more freely.  The line should follow a few days or weeks after that.  I'm only guessing, mind.

FINs_empire #17 Posted 27 August 2017 - 11:17 AM


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Im sorry what? How is the broken mm of T6s and T8s not the highest priority at the moment? T6s 8, 9 and 10s were always the most popular and most played tiers and this system made two of those so frustrating to play. Nobody wants to be constantly underpowered and yet everybody loves those two tiers. Not everybody though playes in platoons or not everybody has tanks with special mm.


Another problem about mm that nobody mentions is that quite often because of the "equal TDs and lights" rule you have games where top and mid tiers are all TDs with some lights and as the bottom tiers you have around 3 heavies/meds and the rest is TDs... Well obviously it turnes into terrible campfest where those mediums and heavies die first because they just cant do their job in that game. Also apparently WG doesnt see the template as an issue BUT just 3 top tiers is huge issue. What quite often happens is that one teams has just top tier supports and the other top tieir front line fighters. For example i had a match where we had 2 top tier TDs and one arty... Our TDs were Grille and Strv 103 b and those are long range snipers... Their team had E3 and JP E100... This happends purely because there is just not enough top tier tanks... And honestly it makes the mm boring... I personaly had no problems with the onld mm and personaly id prefere it to the new wan any time!

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wsatnutter #18 Posted 27 August 2017 - 05:57 PM


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it will never happen

anonym_hKpb6k9sD75T #19 Posted 28 August 2017 - 08:43 AM


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We feel that developers don’t listen to criticism, complaints and suggestions. Please explain what other factors play into the development of new content.

We do listen carefully to your opinions and your feedback and try to implement them whenever it’s possible. Aside from the forums, we are actively communicating with contributors and bloggers to get the most recent feedback from our players.



WG doesn't even "lissun carefully" to their own announcements.

They don't follow up on their promises about "carefull lissining".

The only people WG "carefully lissuns" to is the finacial experts at WG.


Also, no reply about a question about compensation for the re-sale of Mutants.. (M6A2E1)

Clearly shows you don't care about "carefully lissuning"


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Kirk_Helmet #20 Posted 28 August 2017 - 09:23 AM

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I'm glad WG introduces new means of directing our opinions and questions to the developers. For me the most important part is fixing the MM for platoons and tiers 8, 6. I hope devs will come with a solution soon so we can enjoy playing on these tiers again as well as playing with friends comfortably on any tiers lower than IX and X. Can't wait to see the MM working properly again.

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