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Arty is crap


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Bl4ckSn1P3r #1 Posted 28 August 2017 - 01:49 PM


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Just want to say arty right now it is crap, garbage. I play a tier 7 russian arty full upgraded + equipment + crew skills, i have more than 500 arty games played, and I have the 200 mm gun with 1000 damage, never in 500 game I give 1000 damage even if it in the side of the enemy tank, NEVER! But you give damage like 200-400-500 damage maximum 500 damage.
In a game a T-28 tier 7 USA TD bounce 3 HE sheels from a 200 mm gun. I repeat 3 HE sheels bounced! How the hell you can bounce a HE!? Before this crapupdate when arty became garbage, S-51 have before 1750 damage, now if you give 300-400 damage per shoot you are happy, if it is not a t-28 wich will bounce HE shells. Shells are very costly it is like 2000 credits per shell, and there War Gaming Developers LIE when they say they did less time to reload, they just lie, it is in the game and you can see for yourself.
S-51 have 50 sec reload time + 5-7 sec aimining time so you can shoot 1 per minute, splash zone is 10 m. Even with equipment your S-51 reload time is like 45 seconds + aiming time it is not 5 seconds how it tell you in the description of the tank it is more like 10 sec or 8 seconds and you need to aim forever, because your target move, so you aim again, what can I say, War Gaming lie, they LIE and they broke the arty and buff more and more premium vehicles like amx whit 8 shells in magazine wich will rape your tank in just 1 magazine, even if you are a super heavy tank, and what it is fun they have like 15 seconds to reload a full magazine. This is how WG see the E-Sport and FairPlay!
In the end: They solve the problem with arty, nobody will play it. Ah, I have something to say, S-51 tier 7 Russian arty have same gun like tier 7-8-9 Russian artys, same gun, same damage, same aiming time, you get nothing new to tier 7-8-9 for russian arty, why not stop at tier 7. Even tier 10 have same damage + reload time+ aiming time. So they solve the tier 10 games where will be no more arty. If you play S-51 if you shoot 2-3 times per game it is much, i have games with just 1 shoot, what can I say 50 sec reload + forever aiming. No scouts, All same direction like it is a gay party, and a T-71 come and fill you with APCR! So much fun this days to play arty. T-71 spamm gold ammo APCR like it is Christmas Day!
Unbalanced game, small maps where you are spoted right away, and in the next 1 and 0,5 seconds you get like 5-7 shoots from enemy, even with 100% russian camo crew skill. blow up right away. even if you have camo on tank + camo skill + camo net + you are in a dense bush that give you +50% camo rate, E-25 will spot you or a premium amx or a t-71.
This game it is so nice but premium vehicles and APCR broke it! Ok, you want to support the game, I will support the game because I Like it, but with premium time account, maybe with premium vehicles why not, but APCR for sure broke the game, when they spamm gold ammo like it is Christmas Day!
My wn8 is 5300, my acuracy is 54% my win ratio is 53%.
Have Fun!

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Spurtung #2 Posted 28 August 2017 - 01:53 PM

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I call BS. If anything, arty got a buff after compromising some aspects like the shell penetration, and losing some different kinds of ammo.


Also, if T-71 was indeed spamming premium APCR rounds, then he was using the stock gun, as APCR is the standard round for the top gun.

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qpranger #3 Posted 28 August 2017 - 01:53 PM

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OP, no.

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Coldspell #4 Posted 28 August 2017 - 01:56 PM


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Tldr version of Op "waaaa waaaa gimme my noob tube back waaaa".

Bl4ckSn1P3r #5 Posted 28 August 2017 - 01:58 PM


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What I want to say, it is you got the 200 mm gun with 1000 damage but you never will get a shoot with 1000 damage, and that make me angry, you never get 1000 damage in a shoot, even it is in the sides of a tank. You get like 400-500 damage. But never 1000! NEVER!
For 200 mm gun of S-51 you need to play alot for the 60 k or 90 k exp. something like this. I think it is better to use the 152 mm gun, wich will reload at 30 sec or something like that.

uglycousin #6 Posted 28 August 2017 - 02:00 PM


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View PostBl4ckSn1P3r, on 28 August 2017 - 03:49 PM, said:

Arty is crap.



It is indeed. Stop playing arty. Problem solved. :)

RaxipIx #7 Posted 28 August 2017 - 02:02 PM

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You might want to shoot very close to the tanks and not exactly at them. So the  HE will splash through softer armor and doing more damage then a direct hit.

Well unless it's one of those paper  tanks like German Borsig's and stuff.



Hammerhead20 #8 Posted 28 August 2017 - 02:06 PM


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Yeah, SPG's are crap. These things don't belong in this game.


Should be removed...

Jbnn #9 Posted 28 August 2017 - 02:07 PM

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We already have a mega-thread for Arty discussions. Please avoid creating thread about the same topic.


Closing thread, have a nice day.

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