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Proposal: WG please publish tank mobility stats

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HassenderZerhacker #1 Posted 28 August 2017 - 07:24 PM


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I'm at a loss when comparing tanks from a mobility perspective.


At first it seemed logical that power/weight ratios and terrain resistances were the main parameters, but then in game performance was totally different from what the stats were suggesting.

Also, better base stats do not translate into better effective stats.


For example, comparing tier 6 lights:



The VK 28.01 has superior power/weight ratio and less terrain resistance than the T21, yet the T21 has WILDLY better effective stats. WHY ?


In my opinion, all currently known mobility stats are USELESS and cannot be used to estimate a tank's mobility or compare it to others.

What I want to know about about a tank's mobilty in addition to top speed and tank traverse is:

- effective acceleration on hard/medium/soft terrain

- effective climbing ability on hard/medium/soft terrain


Can WG please publish these stats in the garage as well as equipments' and skills' influence as it does for other tanks stats?

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DeltaOperator #2 Posted 28 August 2017 - 08:33 PM


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If by "wildly better effective stats" you mean tank traverse, then it is no surprise. Those are affected not only by terrain resistances, but also used engine versus stock engine. In case of tank traverse T21 also has a much better default value, so there is that.


In terms of acceleration VK 28.01 however should perform better than T21, atleast on hard and medium terrain.

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