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WoT Suggestions Thread

Suggestions what should WG implement new (and old) ideas

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fighting_falcon93 #1381 Posted 07 October 2018 - 09:52 PM


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Improved Maps


The current problems with many of todays maps are:


  • Most maps focus the core tactical play to a very small portion of the map. Basically, it's a chokepoint that needs to be won in order to allow the team to advance into other areas of the map. This creates a massive cluser of tanks, which also makes it difficult to fight because too many allies are pushed together in a too small area. This creates further problems as tanks depandent on sniping basically are useless untill the flank has fallen.
  • They offer no possibility to flanking and creative game play. Basically, the only way to destroy an enemy vehicle is to fight them frontally, or to win the fight in the maps other side and drive around the entire map. This creates a need to put frontal weakspots on tanks that shouldn't have them, just in order to not make these vehicles too strong. Also, it creates a hopeless situation for tanks with thin armor that aren't designed to fight targets head on.
  • They have large portions of the map unaviable for actual gameplay. We already have quite small maps in the game, and by adding massive obstacles in the middle, like castles, lakes, mountains, you effectively make the maps even smaller. Instead of adding these things in the middle of the map, add them on the edges as decoration, and open up as much area as possible for actual gameplay.
  • They don't allow different classes to play to their strengths. LTs should be allowed to use their viewrange/concealment to their advantage, MTs should be able to flank targets instead of fighting them head on, and TDs should be allowed to snipe and/or ambush their targets instead of brawling like a HT. Also, if you insist of keeping SPGs in this game, it's not really feasible to add maps with tall building/mountains that blocks every shot possible.


I think that in order to solve the problems above, you need to completely change your way of designing maps. Since there's no map editor aviable for World of Tanks, I'll try to show an example with the help of Photoshop. If we take Ruinberg as an example:



You need to stop creating these massive blocks of buildings (or other obstacles):



And instead open up the map and turn it into as much playable area as possible with flanking possibilites etc:



As you can see in the image above, almost the entire map is open for gameplay.


LTs can play in the field and get vision into the small sideroads of the city. MT's can either flank around the entire city, or flank around a part by using the small sideroads. HTs get an alternative to head-on-brawls. TDs can snipe from field into city, and they also have the possibility to ambush targets in the city.


SPGs will unfortunately still have problems on this map, and this is difficult to solve on any city maps. Either consider to not have city maps in the game, or allow artillery to decide if they want to use a higher shell trajectory with a longer shell travel time. You can read more about that here.


This map is just one example, but I hope you get the general idea. The most important is that you stop creating maps with corridors and instead open up as much of the map as possible for flanking and tactical gameplay instead of the classical head-on-brawl.

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Furlock #1382 Posted 10 October 2018 - 06:11 AM

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Suggestions regarding General Chat:


1) Language used

a) A banner on entrance that indicates that only English is allowed.

b) Automatic transfer to other nationality chat by automatic language detection


2) Spam

a) Automatic ban for 24hrs on spam detection. This means repetition of same context or repetitive use of same symbols or words.

b) Automatic ban for 7 days if the spammer comes back.

c) Permaban if the spammer still insists after two previous bans.


3) Violence, profanity

a) Automatic detection of profanity or violent language.

b) If detected, turn commenters name red. Suspension for 1 minute and advise (only for the player).

c) If the player insists, second suspension for 10 minutes.

d) If the player still insists, ban for 24hrs.


4) Human moderation

a) Automatic ban (7 days) for all sexual content, without any kind of further advise. No negotiation.

b) Automatic ban (permaban) for pedophiles. Permaban of the account. Log file handed over to the authorities.


5) Positive participation bonus

a) Manual bonus of small items given through moderators to players who are generating fast and accurate responses to questions of other players.

b) Other incentives


6) Once the first five suggestions are implemented, there are more that guarantee an even more positive and encouraging participation in the General Chat.


Kindest regards,



Heilige_Eminenz #1383 Posted 10 October 2018 - 11:00 AM


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I would like to ask for a way to report intentional Teamkilling, so these ppl actually get punishment.

Had yet another game with a malicious intentional TKer and yes he turned blue, might even get a ban for a very short period of time, but he should of course get his account permanently suspended, at the LEAST for several months.

I do not see the point of these ridiculous 24h bans, does any1 else?

(I am of course aware of the numerical problems with this, since the amount of incoming tickets would be humongous-the reason, support doesn't concern itself w these report anymore- but something has to be done)

Taudlitz #1384 Posted 10 October 2018 - 02:52 PM

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I would like to see option to transfere xp between crewmembers. For some small gold fee you would be able to move xp acumulated on one crewmember to another. For example I have my favorite tank that I would like to see pimped as much as possible and I have 5+ skill male crew in it and i dont want to kick them and start fresh with female crew. This way I could swap them, wg made profit everybody is happy. 

Dave_Cumming #1385 Posted 10 October 2018 - 05:57 PM


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Looking at the new update.

Still no 'spotted' marker on the Players Panel to help see what enemy tanks have been seen and are currently seen. This is one of the best reasons to have XVM imho.

laviil #1386 Posted 11 October 2018 - 10:10 AM


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Arty gunner crew 
Deadeye - Perk

The thing is that arties no longer have any other shell except HE. 
which makes this skill for those who chose it ages ago quite useless. 
so i was thinking maybe just erase that skill from arty gunner and give those players another skill instead

Napoleon__RedNoob #1387 Posted 12 October 2018 - 09:42 AM


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Hello guys! I ve contacted the support, and I think it will be very nice if the game had multimonitor support. It would upgrade the experience very much!

PH3N0M3NAL #1388 Posted 12 October 2018 - 11:03 AM

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I'd like to add a suggestion regarding artillery. I know, its the oldest and probably most discussed topic, but I have this in mind and want to share it.


So as we all know, arty is one of the, if not the biggest, reason for players to get angry, agressive, insulting. In most players opinion it destroys the gameplay and it shouln't be in the game as it is now. So why does WG keep it ingame? Arty is useful to prevent extreme camping. It can also be used to debuff advancing enemies, slowing their attack. Thats okay, and I think this possibility should be in the game. But in a different way.


I want artillery to be removed. But not the way you might think, so read first.

The whole SPG group should be removed from the game. Completely. In exchange, scouts (either existing ones or as a replacement) will have the ability to call in artillery strikes like the ones in the Frontline gamemode. These special kind of scouts can also upgrade artillery spread, salvo size, stun duration, reload times and maybe damage like they can upgrade their modules using XP.

Of course these scouts wont be able to camp in the last corner and request artillery every 30-40 seconds. They can only request artillery within their own spotting range, which forces them to move around on the battlefield. They can still sit in cover, but not behind a rock in a corner of a map.


So what would these changes mean to the players and the gameplay?


- gameplay would probably speed up, as camping behind rock formations is not the best way of hiding from arty (salvos from outside the map will come in at a great angle, basically ignoring vertical cover). As to shell travel times of 5 to 10 seconds for the barrage, moving is now the by far best option to avoid getting hit

- camping can still be punished this way, which was the main argument by WG for why SPGs exist in game

- arty players would not be able anymore to focus certain players and destroy their gameplay experience

- nobody could hate arty players anymore, as they are now scouts that also have to move and play.

- due to a larger spread than the current SPG spread, a barrage from outside the map can hit way more tanks than a single SPG, making it more efficient at slowing attacks than SPGs


Personally, these changed would improve the gameplay for me, and probably many, many others by A LOT. I know that no WG staff will probably ever read this, but like I said. I had it in mind and I just had to share it.

jnykanen #1389 Posted 12 October 2018 - 11:04 AM


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I really like to play Grand Battles but i dont like the random chance to get in it.Make option to play Gran Battle only.

Homer_J #1390 Posted 12 October 2018 - 01:38 PM

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View PostPH3N0M3NAL, on 12 October 2018 - 11:03 AM, said:


I want artillery to be removed. But not the way you might think, so read first.

The whole SPG group should be removed from the game.


Despite the fact that your idea was hated in frontline mode, what compensation do I get for my arty lines, most of which I spent a considerable amount of money on?


Bearing in mind my laptop can only cope with arty.


Gameplay would not speed up as camping behind rocks is the best way to hide from everything.

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WaifuRacer #1391 Posted 12 October 2018 - 01:46 PM


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Buff T34 alpha or gun handling. And I mean sginificantly not just a bit. it is completely unplayable

Snyrren #1392 Posted 14 October 2018 - 10:50 AM


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I'd like to be able to sort the personal reserves like we could before the store upgrade.

Sorting options should be either by type of reserve or activation time. The PR class (I, II, III) is not relevant in my opinion.

Peroo11 #1393 Posted 15 October 2018 - 10:20 AM


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I need help. I played progetto 46 for 50 battles now and have 1.3k avg dmg but i can't win a battle. I l'm trying my best to win but can't manage to do it. My wr dropped from 51% to 32% in this tank. Any advice is helpful. Tnx

jnykanen #1394 Posted 15 October 2018 - 07:24 PM


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Why blocked HE shots are not counted as dmg blocked?? 

FromArtyWithHate #1395 Posted 15 October 2018 - 09:52 PM


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those arty haters are really manical. On every topic they will ask the same, and it will never happen

jnykanen #1396 Posted Yesterday, 09:06 AM


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Change artillery back before nerf and everybody will be happy

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