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WoT Suggestions Thread

Suggestions what should WG implement new (and old) ideas

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PhooBar #41 Posted 30 August 2017 - 06:38 PM


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View PostJethro_Grey, on 29 August 2017 - 05:42 PM, said:

Well, maybe because each suggestion was discussed, some even quited heated, contained more trolling than substance and/ or has been trashtalked?

Why would anyone care about the contents of a whine, troll or trashtalk thread? I am trying seriously to start something here guys, a place to collect all the new ideas and ideas that admittedly have been posted ages ago, but without all the useless balast that usually fills up these threads. It works in WoWS, it can work here too.

I support you in your quest, but as a realist we both know that 90% of all posts on the forums are trolling, whines, trash talk and insultery.


On topic:

Randomly generated maps.

Content and gameplay are stagnant in WoT.

When map 'X' comes up, everybody goes to their usual point 'A' and brawls or snipes.

Scouts are pointless, in-game now.

If you've played more than a month, you know the enemy heavy tanks will appear at the same corners.  The mediums will all rush to the same early positions.  The TD's will camp behind the same rocks/bushes, etc...

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Game after game after game.




Randomly generated maps would stop the mindless repetition.

People would have to learn tactics again.

Scouts would have a purpose again.

Teamwork would come back into play.

ebasii #42 Posted 30 August 2017 - 06:59 PM


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PvE is good idea, to relax from time to time.

Also, small city maps are just stupid for high (8 and above) tiers - you are spawnspotted and sometimes killed within the first minute of  the fight. NOT fun. This also breaks half of the mechanics of the game.

And since there are a lot of maps, which are known to be unpleasant to the playerbase (around 5-6 maps), this leads to a lack of diversity of maps to play. So we need either new maps or bring back some of the old ones.

Dennyb #43 Posted 30 August 2017 - 11:42 PM


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So why is this not pinned yet? It's been hot for a while now.

Chopchopchop #44 Posted 31 August 2017 - 07:32 AM

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A better and fairer team damage system.  TK damage point should taken into account from:

Each player’s average damage per game per tier, not just the % from the team vs enemy. This is more balance all players not just favourite high damage dealing players. Ie, now high damage dealing player can and some do intentionally shooting team mate as they know they can get away with it.

Players has high number % to their games of ram damage to/from team mates, you can be a bad driver, but if you ram and been ram by team mate very often, then  most likely it is a troll player, higher if a player troll arty a lot.

Look into players with high number of damage by/to team arty, most likely be player trolling team arty.

Rules clearly said no blocking and no pushing, but this is always been going on and getting away with it. System can’t pick it up, this only can be deal with from CS with a replay.  Same deal as the above, they are spending CS’s time.

If WG think this will take-up too much of their time, then they should appoint players to watch the replays, this can be done by having a number or players from other regents, e.g. a case from Europe be watch by players from Asia and decide if a player was intentionally to breaking the rule.

I am not going on for more unless WG is considering this. There can be number of way to do so.


Stop hiding, improve the team damage system.  There are players here to help, but you have either do it here with all the trolls, or be a little more open with the few who are here to help.  Clearly you can see from the posts here that who is who.  

anonym_kL7qtn3e52MB #45 Posted 31 August 2017 - 07:41 AM

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Like I said in my removed post (no mod message about it's removal), we used to have a Q&A thread and a suggestions thread since the early days.

WG doesn't care what we suggest or ask questions about,

leggasiini #46 Posted 31 August 2017 - 08:01 AM

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Some branches could see a rework. I already covered Japanese HT line, and will cover it even further in future, but there are few others, such as:


- Swedish TDs (handicapped into one playstyle, so for some people completely unplayable, extremely unfun and frustating to play against for multiple reasons, etc etc)

- Swedish HTs (situnational and frustating to play, frustating to play against)

- British AT TDs (tier 6-9 kinda stink and tier 10 absolutely doesnt fit to the line)

- Japanese mediums (STB-1 is losing its charm and the line in general could use small boosts to it)

- Chinese MTs (121 already got buffed but tier 7-9 needs same treatment; Type T-34 and Type 58 are flat out shittier than their regular Russian counterparts)


They should have made the T-34/100 a tier 6/7 premium and Skoda T40 tier 7 at the main branch on Czech tree tbh


Also I am already afraid that Foch B probably needs to be changed

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Jahrakajin #47 Posted 31 August 2017 - 11:40 AM

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Alright lets get this thing going. 

Let the Thread be used for posting and discussing suggestions which would be beneficial and potentially improve the gameplay for World of Tanks. Lets try to post in a constructive manner and avoid toxicity, flaming or trolling to a absolute minimum. 



Kozzy #48 Posted 31 August 2017 - 12:02 PM

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View PostJahrakajin, on 31 August 2017 - 10:40 AM, said:

Alright lets get this thing going. 

Let the Thread be used for posting and discussing suggestions which would be beneficial and potentially improve the gameplay for World of Tanks. Lets try to post in a constructive manner and avoid toxicity, flaming or trolling to a absolute minimum. 




Nice one, let's hope things DO stay constructive and we can get some reasonable ideas going.  I suggest Fog Of War, don't let people see what they are up against until it is spotted, it would add another reason for scouting.


What would the mods (including you) think would be ways of improving WoT?

Jahrakajin #49 Posted 31 August 2017 - 02:05 PM

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To be completely honest I am fairly content with the Game as it is. And this is not that I can't point out some stuff that could be improved but more likely the fact that with my rather low battle count maybe my opinion should be taken with a grain of salt. 

Also the usual things like Matchmaker or other stuff constantly discussed on the Forums, well, I don't see -that- much of a problem with them. Maybe because I got a bit more behind the scenes look at all the stuff or because I know when I lose its purely me being me. We still read and feel the players criticism and try to collect it in a constructive matter. 

To not have said nothing I'll go with lets remove XVM because it brings SO much negativity at the start of a round its getting annoying at some point. Even I with my stats had rounds were I carried (no joke) and did contribute to winning. Disregarding that right from the start is bad in my opinion.

Snake_Keeper #50 Posted 31 August 2017 - 03:53 PM

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Please add the HL234 to the engine options of the Tiger II. It is kind of left behind in terms of awesome with the coming of Defenders, and the like. If it had mobility it would be relevant again.

jack_timber #51 Posted 31 August 2017 - 03:56 PM


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 Map rotation. It seems, well to me, that u can get the same or similar maps coming up constantly. City map, city map, open map followed by 2 city maps etc, etc.

A bit more variety, new maps yes, but don't mind the old ones provided there is better rotation.

Well that's my 5p worth, years ago it was five penneth but that's progress....

leggasiini #52 Posted 31 August 2017 - 06:24 PM

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Just a small thing and irrelevant gameplay-wise but I guess I should suggest it anyways. Few names on Japanese vehicles are somewhat erronous:


Chi-Ni -> Type 97 Chi-Ni (misses Type designation)

Type 89 I-Go/Chi-Ro -> Type 89 I-Go (it was just "i-go", the Chi-Ro was apparently meant for some other design, and I-Go was built before the Iroha system was used)

Type 95 Heavy -> Type 95 Ro-Go (recent research mentions that it actually was called as Ro-Go and not referred just as a "heavy")

Type 4 Heavy -> Type 4 O-Ro (actual 2nd super-heavy design after the O-I)

Type 5 Heavy -> Type 5 O-Ro Kai (improved version of 2nd super-heavy design)


There is certain problem with the super-heavies, though. The Type 4 was the actual 2nd super-heavy tank design, which is why it very likely would be referred as Type 4 O-Ro (and as Type 5 Heavy is improved version, it should be Type 5 O-Ro Kai, not O-Ha). However, the O-Ni and O-Ho have inlogical names: "Ni" is fourth and "Ho" is fifth on the Iroha naming system. The "O-Ha", aka "3rd super-heavy", would be missing (O-Ro would be covered if you called Type 4/5 as O-Ro). With this in mind, either rename O-Ni and O-Ho to O-I II / O-I 100t and O-I III / O-I 120t...or just keep them erronously as O-Ni and O-Ho.


Again, has nothing to do with gameplay but since we have thread like this now I guess it doesnt harm to suggest this. It would be nice little correction.


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Aikl #53 Posted 31 August 2017 - 06:41 PM


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9.18-style matchmaking - though I understand that there are (financial) reasons for tuning it into 3-5-7 only.


  • In 9.18, the matchmaker managed to create a nice spread of one- two- and three-tier games, which made the game quite enjoyable. Worst-case you got a 3-5-7 game, which actually is a good way of making a bottom-tier game if need be.
  • However, 3-5-7 is not the way to make almost every game. Bottom-tier aren't more fun than they were before, even if they are a bit easier - regardless of there being seven or two T8 tanks in a T10 game, you still have to play exactly the same way - extremely careful, or as support. Helping higher-tier tanks can be fun, sure, but the sheer camping/brawling nature of the game makes it almost impossible to actually support that much. In effect, bottom-tier tanks are mostly cannonfodder unless they are somewhat lucky.
  • T8 PMM tanks are perhaps the biggest victim of this. They are inherently T7,5 tanks, which does mean they have trouble enough against other T8s, not to mention T9s. Seeing T6/7 in T8 PMM? Haha, I've never seen it. Roughly 40% T8 games and 60% T9 games (somewhat affected by platoons, but my 112 solo sessions suggests it's about the same solo). Yes, I'm implying that T8 PMM is depending on beating up lower-tier tanks to function, and no, most of them are not that horrible to deal with for most T7s. Not worse than other T8 tanks anyway. I know WG's trying to decide what to do about T8 PMM tanks as a whole, but correcting that goddarn matchmaking would be a brilliant start, if not even a solution. Oh, and if that turns out to be bad, I don't really get why e.g. FCM 50t and IS-6 hasn't been removed from sales yet. Almost like not seeing T10 tanks is supposed to be the whole point of T8 PMMs... which I guess it kind of is (but not that good in a T7,5 tank).
  • Furthermore, the game being largely decided by the three top tanks is literally asking for more roflstomps (15-0 games) when not all players and tanks are alike. Less top tanks means more variability, both in player skill and tank type. Both the 103B and a T110E4 are TDs, but they have way different roles. Worst-case you can have e.g. a Batchat and two 103Bs as top-tiers vs. a Maus and two E4s. Yes, I have actually won games that started out like that, but if the objective is to reduce the amount of roflstomps, 3-5-7 is not the way to do it.
  • Last, but not least, removing T10 tanks from the queue might not be the answer. That will likely only lead to single-tier T8 games being the norm. Those battles aren't that bad, because T8 as a whole is somewhat balanced, but it won't correct the main problem - which is that you hardly see any T6 or T7 tanks (except if you're playing one yourself, which suggests that the tier spread data is quite correct).
  • Oh, almost forgot, a single-tier game is not a top-tier game, and the data claiming that the distribution between T8 being top-/middle-/bottom-tier are flawed as a result.


In the end, the reasons/effects of 3-5-7 are clear, and understandably beneficial for profit:

  1. The top tier tanks have a fair chance of having a good game, due to the inferior opposition - in particular if they happen to not even meet the enemy top-tiers. The occasional good game can fuel any player's desire to play more games, even if his performance is extremely lackluster overall.
  2. Enforcing the grind - T9/10 becomes even more of an aim because they get way easier matchmaking.
  3. More premium ammo usage - when I know that my KV-4 will get into four or five T10 games in a row, there's no real point in holding back on the ammo. I'm grinding, I've got reserves on, and even if I enjoy aiming for weakspots and flanking way more, it's way easier to press '2' twice and penetrate T9 heavy tanks at will. Good for me, sucks for the heavy tanks who'd normally have a field day with a poor KV-4.

cmgamesro #54 Posted 31 August 2017 - 06:51 PM

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Could you please consider players who die in first minute of game desertors, except those who are killed by teammates?

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Slyspy #55 Posted 31 August 2017 - 07:19 PM

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My suggestion would be that people only post a single suggestion at a time. For example if you post four suggestions and I like one but not the others then I am not going to like your post. Even if I like three and dislike the others I won't. Since the "Like" button is the only way of offering feedback think it best if people can actually respond to individual suggestions. 

ValkyrionX #56 Posted 31 August 2017 - 11:47 PM


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Question 1: 

For a long time you have removed the possibility of getting the t22 medium as it did with the mod rampage, knowing the problems with the failure of those mode many users (including me) were at a pace to take that tank so much desired as long as you did not remove the mode from the game. The questions are as follows, why not introduce the t22 medium as a reward tier X after the obj260? What's the point of playing the gaming community?


Question 2:

What role do you believe have the spg in this game? You having the game data in hand you should tell us what they add to the game.
Stealing continually players' matches and forcing them to use even more repair kits and sometimes to remove the stupid stun effect made the game even more toxic than before the 9.18 patch with arty impressions that only gave them if they really succeeded in taking the opponent . Now even after the patch that is about to go out (9.20), the spg remain a terrible problem of this game, the least-played class of wagons on wot, and those that are most controversial. The question is, do you really believe that the presence of that class of wagons makes the game more dynamic? If yes, do you really believe in what you say? Play ever the same maps in the same ways for about 2 or 3 years every day with the same mechanics is so ridicolous.


Question 3:

Once again you postpone the release of the HD game maps to end your work obviously takes longer and we can understand it. But here are two issues known to the whole gaming community, how do they have HD maps in terms of performance  (fps) for our gpu , ram , cpu and hdd/ssd memory space? Why does wargaming insist on not introducing new maps into the game? Why have not you introduced so many maps seen for example in the rampage mode in random battles, excluding Paris and Ghost Town for tier 8 team battles? Where are Icebound, Berlin, Revenged Capital and all other olds random maps? Do you realize that playing the same maps always leads players to leave the game?


Question 4:

Is it possible to get on a wot a matchmaking -1 / + 1? Or is it technically impossible? Why not balance the teams according to player stats? Certain matches are to say the least pathetic and totally unbalanced in favor of one or another team.


Question 5:

Why on the Chinese wot server the players can have Wt Auf E100 as reward tier X tank and we european no? Why ?


Question 6:

Very soon we'll see the Polish tech tree on wot and it's okay to add it even though it does not have wagons (in my opinion) worthy of note, the question is: in many Q & A you have denied and claimed that you are working on the tech tree of Italian tanks of the World War II, if so what are the times? If you are not working, do you plan to complete this tech tree and complete all the enemy axis tanks (germans , italians and japaneses) during ww2?


Question 7:

Do you think it's fun the rng factor in the game? Shoot at a fully closed circle on an enemy tank and see the shell going from one side or absorbing parts of armor or track even on your hips is not fun.


Question 8:

Will you ever introduce an anti-cheat/fobidden mods system in the game?



Question 9:

Long ago in a Q & A you said that the ammo gold used in the game accounted for 5% of the total of those used in the battle, but in my opinion you did not say that this percentage focuses almost absolutely in the tier X vs X games and those tier 8 ups often make the wagons' wagons dull, making me play the game, toxic and boringly pay to win. Why not decide on a threshold of gold shots to be able to mount on a tank as a percentage of the totals of those that can be mounted on the tank?


Question 10:

Do you have a new, better graphics engine for the game in project?



Question 11:

And in terms of physics, it makes no sense that a mud hut (as many as in the maps) can absorb even a large caliber cannon shot (I can understand it for a low caliber  --under 90mm??--) at most could deflect it but do not stop it! Do you intend to correct this stuff?


Question 12:

If you were any player and in a game you're playing with your is6 or an is3 or any other tier car 8 and before you there are a defender, a chrysler and an amx free as opponents, believe that you will only penetrate them With normal shots or that you would be forced to use gold shots? Let these wagons with these features come out to what considerations, given data to the hand, did you bring them? Apart the money


Question 13:

Random battles are toxic, full of racism in the chat , unfair players ready to shoot allies, block them in front of their opponents and destroy them if it serves to their egoistic match.
Do you intend to remove the ability to shoot on allies?
Intent on eliminating team chat from the game considering its total uselessness and toxicity?
These random battles have nothing to do with team play and for an online multiplayer is really sad and as developers on the side of random battles have you failed or not?


Question 14:

Will you ever give us the chance to beautify our tanks with realistic and personalized camuflage by the player of his choice?


Question 15:

Will you ever release an editor to create maps?


Question 16:

Have you ever thought about a story and a single player version for wot?


Question 17:

Why did not you give all the wagons of all technology trees in the game the same prices (for each type of wagon) in terms of xp to unlock them? What is it that some X tier wagons ask 180k to unlock them and others almost or over 300k? Why not standardize everything?




Question 18:

When and how you will buff the poor IS6 and other olds premium tanks and reward tanks like t95e2 and t55a? And you will ever remove the patethic turret overmatch from the is3-is4-obj260? 



Question 19:

Why did you remove instead of improving the rampage mode? It could be a great game mode!


Question 20:

Why do you keep buffing the obj140? It does not make any sense


Question 21:

Why did you decide to remove the foch 155 from the tech tree and make it a special tank and give a tier X free to those who already own it in his garage? I also want a tier X tank for free, what a stupid thing!


Question 22:

Have you ever thought to start a development program with randomly selected players (but who meet certain requirements of course) to improve the game?


Question 23:

Why do you plan to enter some fun modes in the game? What sense would it have?


Question 24:

Do you ever remove the type-4-5 derp cannon as it senseless and cancels the opposing armor? Why did not you increase the penetration of its base AP cannon? Do you think it was really a good choice?


Question 25:

Why did not you introduce in the game the possibility to study the wagon bats as many mods allow it to be done in the garage?


Question 26:

When will we see new personal missions and new reward wagers in the game for the random ones? And especially when you re-elaborate the missions by removing the actual ones based entirely on maps, luck, and other variables rather than on the skill of the players?


Question 27:

After all these questions I ask, why did not you give me a job?


Question 28:

You will never introduce a daily login prize to encurage players to play wot every day?


Question 29:

You will never introduce a PVE mode in wot?


Questiom 30:

You will never limti arty in battles max 1 or 2 x team?


Question 31:

Its very annoying play enks, tundra and other stupid little maps up to tier 8..patethic


Question 32: 

when you will rework the orrible and low earnings of bonds and credits in after the battle with or without premium time? We dont want to be forced to pay for this game


Question 33:

Why you are not introducing a bonus for the first 3 players for dmg in the loser team in terms of xp and credit earnings? 










Peace and love

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Kozzy #57 Posted 01 September 2017 - 12:09 PM

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View PostValkyrionX, on 31 August 2017 - 10:47 PM, said:

Whole bunch of questions instead of suggestions...


Read the thread title and try again.


My suggestion: change MM to +/- 1 and re-balance ammo accordingly.

Hammerhead20 #58 Posted 01 September 2017 - 12:52 PM


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Do you want to hear my suggestion?


Fix your usless [edited]Matchmaking!!!

ZlatanArKung #59 Posted 01 September 2017 - 02:51 PM

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Suggestion: Revert MM back to 9.18 and before version, then add a filter that balance top tiered heavy tanks, medium tanks and TDs. Arty can never be top tiered, and T10 arty is only seeing battle tier 11 games.

Jumping_Turtle #60 Posted 01 September 2017 - 02:58 PM


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I would love to see some small changes to the game. Still like it after 51k games so don't really need big changes.


1 - Fix the annoying map pinging. This is my most hates thing about the game. Make it so that dead players can not ping the map anymore and put a max on the amount of times living players can. No need to ping the map more than 2 times in 10 seconds.


2 - Build the spotted lightbulbs ingame. Don't care much how they look or what colour the have. But it is so handy to see what enemy is spotted, has been spotted or never been spotted. Looking and counting on the minimap is a disaster.


3 - Autochange crew to tanks that they have been in before. I know it takes only two clicks, but why not make it auto like in xvm.


4 - And yes I use xvm because I like stats and am just curious what my team and the enemy team looks like. I don't curse at people at the start nor drown myself. I just like the stats. But it can be a lot better. I do not care about the averall numbers players have on a tank. Let us pick numbers in the Marker (in the settings) for ourself. I for one would love to see how a player does in his current vehicle. I dont care about overal stats, I would love to see the number of games in that tank and how wel he performs in it. This and #2 and #3 would make me stop using xvm at once. And the data is available so why not let us use it. Turn it off by default so only the one wanting it can use it.


5 - punish teamdamage and teamkilling way harder than it is now.

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