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Matchmaker 2.0 templates drastically reduce enjoyment of tier 8 gameplay.


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Samlow #1 Posted 30 August 2017 - 06:44 PM


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Ive seen some discussion on this, but still wanted to voice my opinion on the official forums.


Tier 8 Gameplay has become a lot less fun overall. What I've observed while grinding my VK100, as well as seen some people who gathered statistics, is a heavy bias towards tier 10 games. Now, this in itself is not too big a deal. Just 3 tier 10s, tier 9s the VK can handle quite well. But the fun has drastically reduced. It's not as bad in lights, since they don't rely on armor and can get a lot of spotting damage, but for my heavies, it's been terrible.


The big issue is not so much the template, but the increased randomness of matchmaking. Because there are only 3 tier 10s per team, those tier 10s can have a lot bigger impact on the game. If one, two or all three of them are the right tank for the matchup, in the hands of a skilled player, that team more often than not wins the match. This goes both ways. So a win isnt as satisfying since the tier 10s carried, and a loss is more frustrating since the majority of the team couldnt have that big an impact.


The tier 9/8 matches arent too bad, not until ppl start spamming gold rounds, but thats to be expected in the VK.


I would much rather have tier 9/8 and full tier 8 matches any day of the week over 90% tier 10 matches.

I dont want to stomp the lower tier tanks, though its fun from time to time. But if i want to I just hop in E25.


So, has anyone seen any official word on this problem? I guess its better in the weekends as theres a lot more tier 8 and lower playing, but as it stands..



So the root of this issue seems to be the MM preferrance to the 3/5/7 template. Its actually been officially said that the MM prefers the template. So it goes and fill the template top down. They pick 3 tier 10s, 5 tier 9s and rest tier 8s. Now unless there are no tier 9s and 8s waiting, it will make a 15xTier 10 match (or 10/9). Its not until there are no suitable tier 10s to fill those 3 spots that the MM will make a 8/9 match, and if theres not enough tier 9, then it will do the same trick with 3/5/7 of tier 8-7-6. So the last viable situation for tier 8s is a full tier 8 match.


This ranks MM viability for tier 8s:

1: 3/5/7 @ Tier 10

2: 3/5/7 @ Tier 9

3: 7/8 @ Tier 9

4: 3/5/7 @ Tier 8

5: 7/8 @ Tier 8

6: 15 @ Tier 8


Which basically means that the most enjoyable and least random matchup is the least likely to appear.


unhappy_bunny #2 Posted 30 August 2017 - 10:13 PM


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My theory is that the T8 MM problem is actually caused because more players choose T8 tanks than do T9 or T10.

This means that at any given time there are likely to be more T8 tanks in the queue and therefore more battles are created on the 3/5/7 format than on the alternatives. 

I saw on VBAddict that the tier split works out roughly matching the 3/5/7 template.


So if there are less than 30 T10 in the queue MM cannot of a full T10 battle. If there is less than 14 T10, then a T10/T9 spilt is out of the question and therefore the most likely is the 3/5/7 (T10/9/8) split.


I guess the answer is for less players to pick T8's and take more T10/9 tanks, or no one play T10/9's so that all T8 battles are going to be more likely.

Aikl #3 Posted 31 August 2017 - 12:35 AM


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View Postunhappy_bunny, on 30 August 2017 - 09:13 PM, said:

My theory is that the T8 MM problem is actually caused because more players choose T8 tanks than do T9 or T10.



Well, it's arguably beyond theory when you have the stats to back it up. The issue is how the matchmaker chooses to treat imbalance between tiers - i.e. that 3-5-7 is prioritized when the matchmaker is setting up a match - as long as there are tanks that can be fitted into them, it seems to ignore other patterns. That's why matchmaking anno 9.18 is generally considered better than 9.19/9.20 - because the matchmaker seemingly picked patterns more freely.


The reason for that is to prevent the matchmaker from doing the easy thing and making only single- and two-tier battles - which depending on your views is either to enforce the grind, keep the game from being boring (only single-tier battles can be, sure) or to make sure that almost any player can be top tier and wreck havoc once a week or so (important for player retention, I imagine).

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