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Infinite crew members


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pepsi123 #1 Posted 30 August 2017 - 08:48 PM


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Hello my dear WoT players,


I here by want to inform you onto this curious case of mine:

While I would mostly meet and talk to you on the hated or beloved battlefield, I now had a question, which could not be answered there.

I have started to notice that after each update I receive new crew members of 100% for random tanks, which I have owned and even which I havent owned.

As an example, while having never played the IS-7, I appear to have enough crew members to fit inside of 4 IS-7s, and all of them being 100%.

I aswell have a full crew for the T110E5, while I am still at the T29.

It has now grown to such a problem that I now have 67 crew members in my bunks, while I only have place for 34.

The question in this is if more people have this problem, as I am now restricted in fastly dismissing them all, then change all my crews of the previous tanks to the newly researched and bought tanks before a new patch strikes again.


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Balc0ra #2 Posted 30 August 2017 - 08:56 PM

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Past event. IS-7 crews, T62-A and the AMX 50b if you have, was from the Rampage game mode when you got free rental tanks when you did a mission for tier 8 or higher. So that everyone could test out the mode. T110E5, Foch 155 to name a few was from the 8 bit winter mode they had 2 years ago. MS-1 crews are usually left overs from the T-62A sport etc.


IS-7 and AMX 50b have been give out more then one time. No we don't have this "problem". As we either dismissed them. Or trained them as they are basically free 100% crews. E5 crew is in my T32 for when I will bother to grind that with 3 crew skills. Foch 155 crew is in the new Foch B after a few runs in the Pak 40 a while back. Most of the IS-7 and T-62A crews I did dismiss. As I had no need for them. One of the IS-7 crews did end up in the T-10 tho. So if you can train them, and can use them. Keep them. If not. Why waste space?

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