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SLI suport world of tanks

Sli subbel grahic cards

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BadBoy1966 #1 Posted 03 September 2017 - 04:20 PM


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I wanted to make this toppic after talking with one of the wargaming members on the army show on airpord twent in the netherlands.

I askt here if there are anny plans on making the game suport sli, the anser was that not manny players use duble graphic cards.

She say make a toppic on the forum and see if there are manny players wanted to at that to the game.

So here is the question, would you like to have SLI suport in the game and give the anser in this toppic.

MetalMicky #2 Posted 03 September 2017 - 05:14 PM

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Hi, IMHO I would think most players would like WOT to help in support with any improvements towards the graphics on WOT. However, to be honest since most of the games produced today don't support both SLi or Crossfire (Due to the liability been put on the gaming company to support these options) Its easier for them to produce games that have a minimum graphics setting, that if the player likes the game will upgrade there GPU to allow the options of better graphic settings.

I personally run GTX 680 ti in SLi, and this only till I can buy a GTX 1080 ti or alike.On searching the forums and webb you can find many conversations about SLi and Crossfire been good options. But also the ease at which better single cards are been churned out far better and far to often. There are many a "youtube" promotions on 3 and 4 GPU set ups, even water cooled ones. But the fact of the matter, neither these set ups or options are ever going to be of any use other than "Look what Ive spent my money on" unless the gaming companies provide the support for them ???

SLi and Crossfire has been around for 10 years plus now, and your asking a question on if WOT should provide the support for it? If it was in the gaming companies interest, wouldn't it have been standard by now?????


Respect to ALL,Cheers :)

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