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Stuck in a loop...

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Snake_Keeper #1 Posted 03 September 2017 - 05:54 PM

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I do fine until tier 6, then tier 7 it is a constant jigsaw of up, and down, and now that I have two tier 8 tanks, I do worse than mediocre in them. Tiger II is especially sore for me..hardly do anything useful, and every time I'm spotted half the enemy team is willing even to poke over ridges to get a shot. I'm nearly out of health before I even get to the front on some maps like Cliff. With the Indien Panzer I bounce a surprising lot, but only 1k average damage.


And the Panther my luck is a constant lottery if I get 0 damage, or 1,4k damage, or 2,4k damage in a game..


Am I just doomed to stick to tier 6, and below?:(

xx984 #2 Posted 03 September 2017 - 05:57 PM


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Dont play tier 8s yet. Keep playing tier 6, and tier 7 until you are consistently doing well in tier 7 vehicles, when that is the case, start working on getting better in your tier 8s. and so on.


Dont rush your way up the tiers, I made that mistake :P

cro001 #3 Posted 03 September 2017 - 06:11 PM


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It doesn't help that you have absolutely bad tier 8s. Indien Panzer and Tiger 2 do not have a lot going for them.


Best tip I gotten early in the game - "What kills you a lot - grind it out."

Aikl #4 Posted 03 September 2017 - 06:13 PM


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More experience playing T7s is probably a good idea, though he's not exactly terrible at it. More or less performing on-par with expected values, I'd say:



Playing new tiers tend to always be challenging. It's a matter of getting used to the tanks and new tanks you can meet. T8 in particular can be very challenging - the matchmaking is quite a bit worse than at T7, there's a lot of powercreep in-tier, and T9/10 tanks are arguably far superior to T8s.

Both the Tiger 2 and Indien-Panzer aren't great in the current meta, though they are certainly not the worst tanks in their tier. 1k average damage in the I-P isn't terrible for someone new to the tier, especially when you consider how many T10 games you get. 

Inconsistent performance is arguably the hallmark of anything else than the very best players. Very few players are able to make any tank work on any map in any matchup. We're talking the top 1-5% of players, I believe.

You might be able to improve in some areas by trying to learn. Even after 21k battles I find it useful to take a minute to consider if I did what was best in a given situation. What/where/why.


As a side note, even after playing a lot of T9s, I still have a hard time playing T10 tanks. I'm simply not used to it - though I did allright-ish when I bothered to actually try a few years ago. Nowadays it feels like it's outside my comfort zone of sorts.


(Anyway, while it might not be too fun to struggle at T8, it's not like there's any penalty for not doing well. I mean, it's fun to aim for good stats ...but others tend to aim for players with good stats as well. Doing your best and having fun - that's kind of the point of playing a computer game in my eyes.)


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