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WOT strategy engine or option

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Wall_of_Steel #1 Posted 09 September 2017 - 02:09 AM


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I have an idea. Thaty would i think be nice.

To add Real time strategy mode for players. where one player could coordinate with multiple vehicles from its garage.

something like C&C. For example on existing map there are number of points that player can have. Every tier and vehicle would hold certain amount of points. So player can choose few higher tier vehicles. or more vehicles of lower tier. Its players choice of chosen strategy vehicles types as amount of points is satisfied. And it can only be played with vehicles that player already have in garage in normal "WOT". So it would be advanced mode for players that already have multiple vehicles. or there also can be matchmaking added.

 Just interesting idea so players who have a lot of tanks researched in normal mod. can play multiple wehicles in RTS mod. it would be interesting to manipulate with multiple of them and using micro management of control buttons like in RTS game type.

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