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Female crew members a request for a concession please

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Mike_Mckay #1 Posted 10 September 2017 - 09:45 PM

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When we first got female crew members they HAD to fully crew a tank for the sisterhood of steel to come into effect. Because of this I, and I would imagine many others stacked them all into one or more nations to be able to use the perk,

But then it changed so that it works with BIA

Personally if that had always been the case I would have spread them around as commanders in multiple nations but instead I have six of them locked into the two Swedish lines because at the time they would have been wasted elsewhere and a detriment to the crews they were in

So as the way sisterhood of steel works now compared to how it originally worked I wanted to ask if the WG devs could cut us some slack with these and allow us to move them (just once per crew member) to other nations so they can be used as we would have used them had the sisterhood of steel perk worked from the outset rather than having to waste them all in the same nations even on useless crew members like radio operators who barely have any skills worth training when they could have been commanders who often have twice as many skills to train as other crew members


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