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Artick_ #1 Posted 12 September 2017 - 10:13 PM


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Yeah mm is very poor , new premium tanks every week .


If you wanna have a little fun , i really recommand you to go tier I / II / III  , Where you will only have +1 MM diference.

If you wanna be a little bit serious go tier V , because Fighting a IS with t67 is really fun.

If you wanna lose most of the games and rip off PC , go tier VII/VIII

If you wanna play with an OK MM go tier IX

IF you wanna play against tier VIII go tier X with FV4005 / MAUS / E100 / JAGD / FV 215 183 / Type 5 heavy and make people reconsider playing a tier VIII tank.


Have a nice night , and hope dont see you all in my tier II games . 


# Looks like a new MM fix will be on mid of October ( Its like forth or what?, and still bad mm :) )

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