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Looking for some tips

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Pherion #1 Posted 13 September 2017 - 11:18 PM


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So, I'm just gonna start by saying I'm hopeless at this game but I still enjoy it from time to time. I have just returned to it again and instead of complaining about teams here which won't lead to anything productive. So I'm dropping here three replays of battles I had recently and I wanna know what you guys have to say.









PointZero #2 Posted 14 September 2017 - 09:53 AM

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Panther II - A Tiger II sized medium tank with soft armor and tall flat sides to guarantee you are the easiest target to spot & hit out on the battlefield. If they can see your hull they don't need to aim, if you are trying to hulldown they can shoot your cupola or simply put rounds through your turret front. You suffer from bloom and take ages to fully aim, trying to hit anything on the move is a gamble you will often find yourself regretting. A relic from the age where a "sniping support medium" was still a thing.


You don't seem to be using the new top gun, you don't carry any premium ammo, your crew is either complete newbies or you don't believe in the importance of having 6th sense on the Commander when fighting against people with 3-4 skills on their crew. The tank you are playing is more or less outdated in the corridor meta and "improved MM" makes sure tier 8 vehicles get mostly pitted against higher tier opponents.


Replay #1 Redshire - Top tier

Enemy team is mostly full of medium and light tanks - your team decides to commit 8 tanks to the spot where heavies usually go to brawl it out while some people hang at the back, that's 2/3 of your team effectively out of battle. By the time your team does anything relevant in the flank you've chosen you are already down 1/3 of the team, close to 2/3 after you have caught 1 bottom tier LT, 1 bottom tier TD and 1 middle tier LT that foolishly came into the default heavy tank brawling area without any support. The only relevant vehicle there was the enemy 110 that your team outnumbered 6 to 1 and you let him run away. The enemy team already has full control of 90% of the map and is charging in for the clean-up.


Enemy team took advantage of the mobility of their tank line-up to establish map control and simply wiped out your team while the main force of your team was sitting in a corridor waiting for the VK 100.01 P to catch up. While the team is largely to blame you've done 258dmg as a top tier medium at the point where your team has 4 tanks left. Even if you and the Type 59 seem to be top of the team on dmg all of that was done to distracted enemies when they threw all caution into the wind and rushed in to get that final dmg / kills. You were still passively sitting still when there were 10 enemy tanks spotted on the opposite flank, with 3 dead there can hardly be 15 enemies ready to ambush you in your flank. That was the last moment an aggressive push might have given your team a chance to steal a win by capping or at least even the score a bit before losing.


Replay #3 Kharkov - Bottom tier

What a fun map if you don't have any armor to rely on and are severely outgunned. You can either go to the open flank to get sniped and artied or you can choose to fight it out in town where everything you meet has the alpha and armor advantage. You are almost completely at the mercy of your team here. If they manage to do a good flanking push you can get a nice amount of assist & dmg by helping them out from the 2nd line but if they continue to peek&boom fight on the streets then you will find yourself irrelevant to the battle.


This time playing too aggressively in a bottom tier MT on a city map is what got you killed. Sure you had a chance to put some flanking shots into the T-54 1st prototype but you didn't account for the fact that he had a Grille 15 and a tier 9 Chinese HT as back-up.




Replay #2 Sacred Valley -  full tier 8


Pretty standard Sacred Valley, mediums are doing their things near the temple and most of the heavy tanks are brawling it out on the "brawling area". Once again your KV-4 is not equipped with the top gun, your crew doesn't seem skilled and you have 0 premium ammo while playing with the 122mm. You are a playing a slow heavy tank that can sidescrape really well, you will be taking it to locations where you will meet a lot of other heavy tanks, higher tier heavy tanks and superheavies. You will often meet them head-on and don't have the mobility to move to flank them.


175mm is not enough to go through the frontal weakspots of tier 9 & 10 heavies. Superheavies will laugh at you and your HE shells aren't really that effective against their massive HP pools. There is nothing wrong in loading up some premium shells and using them when you need to. By choosing not to take any you are effectively handicapping yourself against other players and higher tier tanks.

PointZero #3 Posted 15 September 2017 - 10:24 AM

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  •  Save up Free experience for important modules - you can still research the radio and engines if they won't improve the performance much but the faster you get your tank on par with the others you stop handicapping your team.


  •  If you can't research the top gun load some premium rounds to use against tough opponents so your team doesn't lose a flank because you were there in a top tier heavy tank unable to do anything. It's a different story if you have the 2nd gun researched and it has acceptable penetration but you should still have a loadout with some premium rounds incase you have to fight someone 2 tiers higher in an end game scenario. Refusing to use them doesn't mean others won't use them and in some cases you "choose to lose" by not using them against a tough opponent.


  •  Train your crew in middle tiers where you are against other players with fresh crews, people grinding up new lines and more inexperienced players. Playing a tier 5-6 while training a crew to their first skill is a lot more forgiving than playing against tier 10's where everyone should have a skilled crew. Having 6th sense trigger just before you go out into an aggressive position can be the difference between playing it safe or getting a 750dmg tap from a Grille 15 when you thought you made it there unspotted.


  •  Enlarge your minimap and pay attention to it. If there's 10 enemy tanks spotted on the other flank there can hardly be 15 in the one you are in. If the enemy top tier TD's are spotted elsewhere you can angle your armor against the heavies and not take large hits into your side from a known TD location. As a top tier be more aggressive when you know you have the numerical advantage in a flank, play it safe when it's the opposite.

Brodie_ #4 Posted 15 September 2017 - 01:41 PM

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Not going to get around to watching those.

But here's a quick constructive suggestion.

Watch "The Mighty Jingles",  "How not to suck", series upon Youtube.

They may cover aspects of the game that you may not currently fully understand!

I did not understand a lot of the game mechanics for ages myself.

There is another one by "Quickybaby" called, "How to bush" that's really worth a watch aswell!




b0d #5 Posted 15 September 2017 - 04:15 PM


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Zeven Youtube channel.

UrQuan #6 Posted 16 September 2017 - 09:23 AM

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Regarding the KV-4 replay (only commenting on this, as my experience with panther is nil), I notice some errors right off the bat:

- You have the topturret, but got the 122 mm gun & looks like you got the stock engine (you aren't reaching topspeed). Stock turret is fairly adequate imo during a grind.

Best way for KV-4 grinding is: unlock topgun first, then engine & as last, the top turret (after suspension ofc). KV-4 grind gets alot more fun with the topgun & upgraded engine.

Alot of folks refuse to unlock the 107 gun as i'ts unique, but forget something: it makes the grind cheaper in credits + alot better (the 107 shells are cheaper then the 122 shells & pen alot easier!)

As you noticed, the 122mm gun is insufficient against more armored heavies & requires you to carry premium if you want a good consistent performance.


On the battle itself:


The battle at the rocks was good for you, you picked targets & locations you could pen. Added to it that you got lucky with the selection of enemy tanks there. In most cases, the 122mm gun is unsuitable in heavy tank engagements against players ready for it due to the low pen of the gun. By example, if the lowe angled for you, you would had alot of trouble against him. 

Do note that against the 110 player, you got quite lucky, you showed your front (LFP!) at a weak angle, but he failed to pen (he hit the UFP repeatedly), would been quite a different story if he hit the LFP there. On top of it, you managed to hit his cupola with the 122, not a shot you can repeat reliably with the 122.


Last part:

STRV's (and accompanied swedish TD's) are very accurate, got high pen & are stealthy. Don't try to engage them, if they fire at you, hide & preferably break line of fire (use the shot indicator to guess where the shot comes from). You went for the rock, then stopped just short of it, giving the STRV some free HP (hug the rock, it's your friend!). On top of it, you gave up your angle as you aimed for him, giving him a free farm.


In short: always drive the KV-4 tank angled when able. Make use of surrounding objects to sidescrape & avoid showing your front unless under an angle (LFP is a weakspot & is rather high from the ground). Also get that 107mm gun asap. It really helps in making the grind alot less frustrating.

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