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Inspired by WG new ideas.

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ares354 #1 Posted 15 September 2017 - 12:29 AM

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As we all know, WG now replace made up\fake tank with more historical and logical tank in British line. That's really cool idea. This maybe chance for Germans, US and more to add more historical tanks. 

GW e100 - Top german arty, totaly made up. Logical and historical Arty to replace ? Sturmpanzer Bär, 305 mm mortar, that was planned as assault gun, WG wont add this line, so this tank can replace GW e100 as top arty.

E50m- beloved by a lot of people tank, but made up. Ofc it should stay as
reward MT. Logical way to add historical MT is to move up to tier 10  E50, and buff it. Panther 2 move to tier 9, and on tier 8 give us Panther F with turbine engine. Long time ago, it was Serb idea. More on this tank here: http://ftr.wot-news....mit-gasturbine/

Jpe100- I think how TD looks in game is made up by WG. TD is not logical, on how line work. Line is TD with good alpha, nice dpm guns with some armor. JPe100 gun just dont fit it. What can replace this? Sturmgeschütz Maus - How this TD looks like, we dont know. But imho should resemble JT as close as he can. 

PZ VII - I dont know if this tank is made up, maybe. 

From tier 8, JpII model in game is made up by WG. 

Vk auf B is made up, overbuffed, Tier 7 tank on tier 9.

For US.

E4 is made up. For this line, buff T30 to tier 10, made from Hellcat two TD. One Hellcat with 76 mm gun, and second Super Hellcat with 90.

E3 I dont know.

T28 need same hull as T95 have to be historical.

T28 Prot model is not right or is made up


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