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B1RD_mACHINE #1 Posted 20 September 2017 - 12:59 AM


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So I've heard a ew things going around about some so called "super testers" and I have either read/heard 106% conflicting information about these elusive players/server.


What I do know for sure is that to become a Super Tester you have to be 18 years or older of age, sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement; so instead of saying you get kicked out of the program, it becomes legal and you now have no choice; WG putting their smart sh*t "on") and you overall need to be a good player/at least not be a d-bag player. I have absolutely no idea what kind of benefits these players get, except the fact that it seems they get access to a "no limits World of Tanks highly private 24/7 server" (kinda like the SB server but way more active and online, let face it SB is ded) and they have access to every, single, tank, EVER in the game and tanks that the devs come up with raw-off-the-table. I.e. the KV-4 KTTS. They get to test those absolutely insane tanks and most of the time only ST players will ever see them. But back to their benefits; they also get to join the live servers with a "stats-locked" press account and I think have unlimited gold, credits, free-xp, username changes, and anything else you could ever want in WoT. They do anything they want practically game wise. I am a kinda new SB player and just recently have gotten a niche for finding, playing and maybe collecting extremely rare tanks in the game. I.e. MTLS-1G14 (which 2 players across all servers have on live accounts, one confirmed account one not), the infamous T-39 tank (never seen it, heard of it, or read of it but only way I know this is from a former friend that happens to be an ST player; we were playing the game together and he got on one of his handy-dandy "push-me-and-a-press-account-pops-out" accounts and I was sitting perpendicular to him and I could see his screen from behind his back, I got interested and went over, and through scrolling thru the tanks I caught the tank in the garage slots viewer thingy ma-bobber, even the Chrysler TV-8 with a missing thumbnail (..if you will)), Pz. II J, "" B2, "Mini-Maus", Type 59, all tier ten reward tanks, Sexton I, Hydrostat, Pz. V/IV Alpha (I think it is V/IV?), some beta tanks, and so on and so forth.


Well, I know that I have a (reality check time!) virtual percentage chance of ever playing a press-account of about %0.000074 (I did the math...) and after I heard that ST players get these things, I really wanna be a frikin ST player. Of course, I have so many questions that I couldn't find an answer for to save my life.

If anybody can "legally" answer these questions (I really don't want someone to get sued or whatever penalties that NDA states), that, would, be, awesome. :D


1) Lets set sh*t straight here; what the even hell is a ST player in the first place?

2) What kind of things do ST players get that SB, CT or just regular old players don't get?

3) Relating back to question two, do ST players get practically anything they want besides a big yellow "give me gold" button?

4) Based on a news feed from the NA realm WoT site and other players, the EU ST has been terminated, the NA one is either so low-key that it avoids 100% attention from any non-ST player, or it got terminated as well, and the only alive and confirmed ST still running is the RU one, but you have to be a Russian citizen to become a ST player(?); is any of this true?

5) How can I become an ST player? Do I have to wait until WG opens up applications (source: NA news post), and if so can I only become an ST on NA or RU or does EU ST still exist?

6) Are there any ST players that can give me as much info as they legally can by PM?

(EDIT: )7) If I can apply to be an ST player, will already being an SB player boost my chances over players that were say, not SB players?



da_B1RD_MACHINE ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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