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fix team dmg on purpose

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TheDisturber #1 Posted 06 October 2017 - 04:27 PM


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someone disagrees with what you do on battlefield

he can shoot you 

if he's platooned, his friend can basically kill you

with no penalty

as it happened now with me

except i retaliated and got 1 hour ban.


"you ruined my perfect opportunity to do my mission"


no i didn't

your bad driving did

so fire away, since punishment system is "fair" in this game.


same happens if someone with 152 mm derp fires underneath you, its not a direct hit, yet does dmg, you retaliate, you get ban.

same when people push you on purpose


or stand in front when you are about to fire, so you can go blue and get killed


find a way how to deal with that.

its my second time to get banned for team dmg in 4 years or so.



Shivva #2 Posted 06 October 2017 - 06:28 PM


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"can basically kill you with no penalty"


He has the credit cost of the shell, the credit cost of the teamdmg, the missed opportunity to dmg an enemy instead which cost him more credits, the xp penalty for team dmg and the detrimental effect to the chance of his team winning.

TK'ers are penalised but yes there are still idiots out there. ;)

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