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More Campaign Vehicles: How about the tier X 'replaced' tanks?

campaign missions feature suggestion

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CrazyWelshy #1 Posted 19 October 2017 - 05:47 PM


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With the recent update to the campaign mission interface and layouts, it got me thinking.  With some vehicles being replaced in the tech tree with at the moment, no known way to get them unless you got them before their removal, how about we make campaigns for those vehicles?


There will obviously need to be some conditions for a tier X vehicle, and still have them feeling 'special', but as a baseline you will need to have unlocked and purchased the tank that replaced it.  E.g. FV 415b to unlock mission campaign for the Super Conqueror.  Maybe you need to complete the other campaigns too, for the current four in the game, hopefully without commendations but this is a tier X we're talking about here.  Conditions are open to debate.


I'd love to have this ability myself, even though I don't actually own a tier X vehicle yet, it gives me something to aim for and not feel like I missed out on a good vehicle if I applied myself more to this game.  This would also give the tier X players something to grind for rather than constantly play randoms/skirmish/stronghold games.  Players need targets, and this could give them something to play for.


If you have the vehicle already, allow the owners to play that campaign anyway, its more stuff for them to complete, and get some silver/consumable rewards is always handy to expand the garage a bit. Maybe give original owners a special camouflage?  To show that they owned this tank before it went away.


Your thoughts guys?

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