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TzarBuba #1 Posted 19 October 2017 - 07:44 PM


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Guys hear me out. I will be really fast here. I will just list everything in the matchmaking that bothers me and of course I find these problems to be really frustrating. It will be really hard for me to not be toxic, cuz I just rage quit from the game! I've had enough of this! Wargaming develop your game already.

Matchmaking hmmm... Why this matchmaking is so unfair!? Why World of Tanks destiny is to never ever have a working matchmaking. The problem here is that if you want to play this game you NEED to be tier 10, IN. EVERY. SINGLE. GAME!! Only tier 10, nothing else.


If you play Tier 1 you will be facing Tier 2 - who dafuq play with their 1, it feels bad man (the meme).

If you play Tier 2 you will be facing Tier 3-4 again it feels bad man :(

If you play Tier 3 you will be facing Tier 5 - you feel useless neither the shell penetration nor view range your tank has to play efficient!

If you play Tier 4 you will be facing Tier 6 - you feel useless neither shell penetration nor view range, again you are punished!

If you play Tier 5 you will be facing Tier 7 - you feel useless the shell penetration you have is not enough

If you play Tier 6 you will be facing Tier 8 - you feel useless and pressured to spam gold as a mad man, no one likes tryhards!

If you play Tier 7 you will be facing Tier 9 - you feel useless and sad...

If you play Tier 8 you will be facing Tier 6-10 - all knows how it feels, donator of HP for the tier 10, there are some tier 8 tanks that are decent tho.

If you play Tier 9 you will be facing Tier 10 - well... not that bad, you could work out something, it is a decent tier - totally playable :)

If you play Tier 10 you will be facing Tier 8 - you feel the power in your hands, this is the only playable tier in the game!


This so called game, really punish you if you are not playing tier 10. 90% of the tanks in the game are useless you don't need them. They are lost content for the game. These 90% of the tanks only exist to climb the ladder through tech trees and that it.


Imagine someone with 45-49% win rate and 25-30k battles, he don't know why every game he gets rekt. Not giving shots in return is common. He is forced to camp near the base. The matchmaking is forcing him to do that, the matchmaking we got is Wargaming creation, that's means Wargaming wants us to camp?? Because you guys have already destroyed his enthusiasm to play the game and his only option to do something is camping, games are full with inexperienced players. My observations are that these player doesn't know how to finish the game. I swear this is the only game that encourages you to stay lazy to have fun! The only game in the world that do that!! World of Tanks! With MM like this no wonder there are campers in every game. The game design is the problem here. Wargaming are punishing their community with a MM like this. Players like 45-49% win rate and 25-30k battles will never care about the consequences for their actions, because in the 90% of the games, they will not be the tier that is supposed to play, that is supposed to win. Their contribution in the game is only to donate HP, not fun at all. Wargaming does not allow them to progress in the game by learning new sets of skills. We all know when players start not caring about the fallout of the matches they play. Yes I'm saying it, Wargaming did create this toxic community that we have to deal with. Am I harsh here? Now they need to take the responsibility and apologize to all World of Tanks players!! (by giving them free Tetrarch)

Next example - stock tank, tier 7 with 110 shell penetration, 90% of the battles are against tier 9. My point is that we are testing some quality developer work. You need at least 50 games to make this tank playable. Тhe only game that you play to lose.


I know how to fix this MM problem, in case you wonder. Every tier needs to be independent. Everyone vote for independence! That's means if you start a game with tier 8, everyone in this game will be tier 8! Both teams are full sets of tier 8! To be extra clear just in case Wargaming is reading, that means 30 tanks are tier 8 and they are playing in the same time on the same map. Yes, I'm giving this example with tier 8, just to clear myself about the premium vehicles. I think, change like this will make the games more proactive and it will be easier for stock tanks to progress. With few patches all tanks could be changed to feel more unique and balanced. In this new MM the artillery number needs to be limited to 2, each team will have only 1 artillery. Only 1 artillery per team! My thoughts are - this will create even more proactive teams, only 1 artillery means half of the map is danger zone, teams will share information about the safe side on the map and make quick plan about attack and defense. Demanding artillery support fire would mean something. I want to see what you guys think about my matchmaking dream. This new MM, I'm calling it "TzarMaking" and I think this is the most fair MM that it could be added for this stage of the game. I don't want to write only about the problems, providing solutions is my main goal. Yes maybe what I'm suggesting here wouldn't work flawlessly forever for everyone and yes maybe I'm dumb for dreaming about big drastic changes, but what we see is MM that is not working. Wargaming are trying every patch to make some small fixes and optimise the MM, but I don't find that they are making any progress in solving this huge problem. I don't even think they are on the right way to issue this problem. This MM is dead (12 august 2010 - 13 august 2010 RIP).


P.S.  I wanted to add dank memes, but don't know how. I don't know english, everything's google translated, pls don't judge me I'm illiterate, my london language is garbage kek, but feel free to respond if you agree with me or disagree. I feel like creating new topics in the future, because I think there are many problems with the game and my point of view is the only right one! Of course for my efforts to fix your game, Wargaming you need to say in your videos that EU forums are the real mvp, cuz we are providing great help and pro feedback. The personal gain for me of course is receiving Object 252U in my garage. kek

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