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Hit markers not rendering/not visible

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Koompel #1 Posted 23 October 2017 - 10:12 AM


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Hi there,

  I've been looking/searching through the forum/google search and found no valid clue about hit indicators showing/rendering on my tank's armor/skin. Recently (9.20.1) I've been trying to check during a game where the penetrating shots were counted (every E75 shot with standard AP 490 rounds into angled Tortoise). I guessed that it should have been the obvious "pot", but as I was not stationary (wiggling) I found it not very likely to hit every time. So I turned the camera and found not a single hit mark anywhere on my tank skin.

  So I was wondering what to check in my settings, or maybe it's the modification's domain. Though I'm using vanilla client all the time and I guess I've seen the hit marks before (in previous patches). I'm not looking for that information very often as I roughly expect where I got hit and take it as obvious result of other player's knowledge or my misplay (I can see where the opponent is aiming during a face-hug or there is no point checking when I'm hit in the side because of my mistake, mislocation or misthinking :) )

Any clues would be appreciated.



Enforcer1975 #2 Posted 23 October 2017 - 10:43 AM

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That bug is known for months.

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