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[BHAZ] BetaZ recruiting active players

english dansk clan klan BHAZ AHAZ fun great community boys and grills

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F_This_Game #1 Posted 24 October 2017 - 06:31 PM


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So what do we offer and who are we.

Recently got a lot of new active players which mean tier 6, 8 and 10 SH is possible!


Betaz as a clan is focused on giving our players the possibility to socialize and evolve in a great clan with friendly and skilled people also to participate in Strongholds , advances and campaigns.

We fight disciplined and always work to get better both in team play and with the tactics


We have a "mother clan" called Alphaz for the people that are very active and which has a bit more requirements than we do. We share TeamSpeak with the Alphaz, for the opportunity to find platoons at any time during the day, but also play with experienced players up to unicum level to improve skills and get even more experience.




These are the requirements to join Betaz


1. Your English is understandable and you own a headset with a functional microphone.

2. You will connect to TeamSpeak whenever you play the game. If you wish to play alone, you can go in AFK if you like.


These are the requirements to join Alphaz


1. Age 18+ things like manners , nice behavior and personality is a must. 

2. Your English is understandable and you own a headset with microphone

3. You will connect to TeamSpeak whenever you play you can go in AFK if you like

4. At least 12 times pr. Month you will play Stronghold or Clanwars

5. Your Wn8 is over 1500. And last 30 days is over 1800. 

If you want to know more please contact PernilleRA, TPew, lordjdk or _konex ingame 

Or stop by our TeamSpeak on 
ts01.swifthosting.dk:10242 Pw : alphaz


See you on the battlefield

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