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Element6_TheSprout #5421 Posted Yesterday, 10:54 PM

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View PostLong_Range_Sniper, on 15 July 2018 - 10:44 PM, said:


Not necessarily.


You could have a huge number of complaints on an issue, but Wargaming may have information or a reason that they don't want to make public that means they'll never act on the complaints or even acknowledge their existence.




Player complaint                              Wargaming "secret" reason for not acting


3/5/7 matchmaking is bad      -       Premium ammo usage is up, and as a consequence so are earnings.

Artiillery should be removed   -       Artillery provides a way for winrates to be constrained and variety to be brought into game outcomes for a fixed number of maps.

There's armour creep             -       Premium ammo usage is up, and as a consequence so are earnings.

Jap heavies are for noobs      -       They are the game noobtube but we'll never admit it.


I don't see it's logical to jump from "WG haven't done anything", to "there's not been enough complaints".


Complaints might get something changed, but they don't necessarily mean they will get something changed.

Well, true enough. Maybe I should have elaborated a little more and included the simple fact that a lot of the ones that complain keep on playing the game, whic surely is take into consideration at WG. Not that they'd ever bother with looking up who complains and still play when there is no need to do so.


I guess you know by now that I do not share the idea that 3/5/7 MM is bad, and I feel the need to use less premium ammo in it than I felt I needed to in the past with the old one, on the same grounds that I find the new MM easier; higher number of enemy tanks are same tier or +1 which quite often can be damaged with standard ammunition. A maximum of 3 +2 tanks seem to require less premium ammo in my experience, over time. I hardly fire premium ammo anymore.


Verbal complaints are not enough when people continue to play, and the number of #walltesclosed etc. players seem too few to leave any sort of impact.

dronology #5422 Posted Yesterday, 11:01 PM


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We need an SPG mode: 15 artys vs 15 artys





_Sentinel_ #5423 Posted Yesterday, 11:45 PM


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View PostElement6_TheSprout, on 15 July 2018 - 08:50 PM, said:

If you bring your sense into WGs heads, you will take the sense of outhers out of it, so you will basically just have shifted the playerbase in who will complain. So the big question is this; what makes you think that you are the one they should be listening to, over other people?


If they improve the game for you, they make it worse for another player, and that is something the most vocal complainers seem to totally miss. Which is why they are perceived as egocentric, which in turn is why their umpteenth SPG threads get closed.


Why do I have to ask myself these questions? I'm here to make WG change arty, not think about the well being of arty lovers, that's their own problem. Besides it's become quite clear throughout the years that there are many times more arty haters than arty lovers, so why not make a game that appeals more to the majority of people? Twist it any way you want, but you know well what happens when there's a game with 3 clickers in a team. Some people start complaning, many others join them, while the only opposition are the clickers themselves. And when there are no pigs, players rejoice verbally in the chat!


Only a deluded pig lover would argue that people who want artilery nerfed or even removed are not the majority of the playerbase. In this situation I'd say it's more a case of the pig defenders being the loud minority, especially considering anywhere pigs are discussed you see the same people defending them, for example Long_Range_Sniper, who doesn't miss a single artilery thread and is always there to defend his beloved sky cancers, Erwin_Von_Braun and you. And I think Bulldog Dramadardon used to regularly take part in these as well. Talk about a loud minority... The artilery haters are always more, but to top it off they're also different people most of the time, with some just posting a single or a few posts, never to return again. They're just not as dedicated as your indeed very loud minority of arty defenders.


I'm not here to discuss morals or semantics with you or any of the other of the resident clicker lovers. I'm here, cause artilery is cancer and I want it gone, just like many others want it gone too. Is it egocentric not to think about the best interest of the minority of players that love arty? How could it be? They've already had way too much fun at our expense for the past 8 years. I'd say enough is enough. When have they ever concidered that they're making the game a very unpleasant experience for the rest? Restrict them to some mode where they only play against each other if they like it so much!


I'm doing my part(insert starship troopers meme) in making WG see reason by repeating the same thing over and over to them. If it doesn't work today, that doesn't mean it won't work tomorrow. I've stated my opinion on the matter of artilery and I'll do it again and again if needed. If I was interested in discussing health, fitness, lifestyle or philosophy i'd go to reddit or something.

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Long_Range_Sniper #5424 Posted Today, 12:02 AM


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View Post_Sentinel_, on 15 July 2018 - 10:45 PM, said:

for example Long_Range_Sniper, who doesn't miss a single artilery thread and is always there to defend his beloved sky cancers


I think you're confusing having a theory about why artillery is in the game, and defending a class. Before you have a chest gripper why not read what conclusion I came to after many years of playing and seeing both sides of the fence.


Page two of this thread. which starts with the title "Why arty is broken".


I wrote it originally in 2016 so I don't know what you've been reading for the last couple of years with my rampant arty defending.


and the summary was


Wargaming failed to have design principles for indirect fire, and a vision for the role within the game. Subsequent attempts to tweak artillery have come close to establishing some principles. But the lack of a natural counter in game is still a glaring failure, and one that leads me to conclude that the sole purpose of artillery is to help constrain winrates by adding extra randomness to game outcomes, given a fixed circulation of maps.


Read like a "defence" to you? If it does then I guess anyone who doesn't froth at the mouth and say "pig lover" and "cancer" in every breath is defending arty.


If you're the straw that breaks WG's back with your arty complaints then good luck to you. Personally, I just came to terms with it a while ago, and whilst I don't think it should ever have been above tier 8 or allowed in more than 1/2 per game I don't see it as bad as 3/5/7 at the moment..


Edit: Not sure if you noticed but I am an Executive Officer in one of the biggest arty hating clans in the game......#gofigure.

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Long_Range_Sniper #5425 Posted Today, 12:19 AM


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View Post_Sentinel_, on 15 July 2018 - 10:45 PM, said:

I've stated my opinion on the matter of artilery and I'll do it again and again if needed. 


Well I saw you popping on and off the thread again and again after I posted the above so did you not have anything to add?

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